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much better off than the average of the French Canadians more

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as many workmen as could advantageously have been em

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curred when they were within reach of operative interference.

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Chirone amp Petrucci Commentario Clinico di Pisa January Feb

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involving the groin and scrotum 3 those extending along the N. ischiadicus to

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nia to dissect the tumor up to the neighborhood of the uterus.

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he took for five consecutive days fifteen grains daily and then

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are only quantitatively abnormal. Hence no specific chemical substance

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with ascites with particular reference to the pericarditic pseudocirrhosis of

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and Vtication of the Scholar The Way Towards the Blessed Life

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rate as it is possible to be. A copious bibliography which is

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He says AVith our present knowledge of the etiology and

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tack of local peritonitis which he suspected was produced

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abridged history of the Sacerdotal Profession and a Faithful and

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although accused of blasphemy himself I find he wrote an

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He studied medicine at St. Malo and Brest and became a naval

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taining uranium acetate stirred thoroughly and allowed to stand for five minutes

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ration of the muscles of the heart the anaemia of the brain and

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ing when risk and danger had to be met and he co operated

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and a trembling movement of the arms. He has a somewhat

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to prevent fermentation will also interrupt it in a pure sugar

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is far better than the straight rubber catheter so largely employed though

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tles to expose them to heat and cold sunshine and shade

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b. Inverugie Scotland 11 June 1696. Joined the army of th

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masses separate from one another. The gross appearances

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they were trying to abolish female teachers for the reason that

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The subject of this brief monograph has been discussed

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Dr. J. Campbell alluded to the strong feeling against bleed

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the uterine cavity three weeks after delivery was 3 02 inches.

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