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tient witli acute tuberculosis who liad taken in all one hundi ed

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improperly and was wanting in the sharpness which charac

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been long taxed far beyond their healthy margin the liver

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enough to include air. Bacterial fermentation is prevented by sterilizing the urine

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absorbed through the skin. Professer Kolbe took a bath con

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distinctions f may be referred to. This curious little essay

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himself upon the gynaecologist s field or more properly how

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complement fixation test will be helpful if the condition be suspected.

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to him and reports the discovery makes a valuable contribu

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urinary stream. Occasionally there is hematuria. It should not be for

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revived and lived several years afterwards. Hot water can easily

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etc. In these cases the nitrogen intake exceeds the nitrogen output that

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twenty eight who died in St. Luke s Ilospital. There was

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These may be multiple or single. When multiple tumors are present and

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if we should prefer that expression. But if we could ascer

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one ounce of mineral matter and about five pounds of water.

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worse. The case was typical the greater portion of the skin

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In the chronic forms a persistent uterine discharge a recurring

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O Reilly R M. Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of

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warns however against mechanical interference if the fixation

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lished Adeisidseno7i and Origines JudaicsB. In 1718 Nazarenus or

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nine years was secretary of the John Street Institution. In

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As to i racier of the curriculum it has advocated one

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Among the articles which had appeared in the medical

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pulmonary consumption and admitted that there was a great

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Waldeyer s account of the origin of cancer in the mucosa. See also

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