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her general health as a rule is good. Her feet are not at

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consistence of the testis and the different parts of the epididymis.

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wall and altogether everything i in a wry satisfactory c

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the last two or three years in fourteen of the towns in Great

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first attained celebrity by a review of the Life of Jesus by

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of the school of philosophical Radicalism. In philosophy he is tho

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addition to its well known power of diminishing the pulse

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The significance of the variations in creatinin excretion in the ab

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Pupils equal. Urine normal. Examination of the larynx was

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sugar icing and often associated with chronic pleuritis and pericarditis

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Clo tilde de Vaux who died in the following year having pro

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A recent communication to the Academy of Sciences Paris by

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The Anaesthetic Mixture at St. Bartholomew s Hospital.

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this was scarcely to be expected even if it were present after

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Gilchrist Emerson was a Freethinker who looked on his

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Gottlieb and pamphlets on the Problem of the Universe 2he New

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with other deputies to go to Rome to deprecate a fine which had

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Lemonnier Camille Belgian writer b. Ixel les Bruxelles

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Krekel Arnold American judge b. Langenfield Prussia

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between the two methods unless it be as the author states

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had a good night. 7th Fever entirely gone and now as it

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argent and distressing dyspnoea. This I did l y means of a

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and had recently ascertained that very peculiar symptoms were manifested

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Turning application of forceps extraction of Placenta Sub

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the following is an abstract. The paper consisted of a conside

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eries 42 2 7 per cent thus showing that the operation has been

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satisfactory with a better coaptation of the fractured ends

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The total non protein nitrogen of the Uood in nephritis and allied conditions.

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largely developed in Paris through the writings of Bouchard and later of

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