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eral position. Two cases illustrating these conditions are appended.

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carcinoma most of which have come into the hands of one of

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siderable hypertrophy of these muscular elements at first re

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the author means a spasmodic contraction of a part commonly

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have accomplished all that could be expected of it. As to its

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amounts of water is usually followed by a temporary rise in the urinary

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and that is very early stages of acute cases with marked syn

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syphilis in man but also with those of inoculated syphilis of

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obeervations made in hia defence he was anmmoned and fined

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experience of the nurse must determine the quantities that

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Past a collection of essays in anthropology and comparative

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patient often scratches in his sleep and awakes unrefreshed

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has been on the staff of the Freethinker He has published

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which usually are easily accessible to the surgeon. Epithelial

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of renal function were demonstrable during life. One task is just as impossible

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phenyl b lactic acid etc. which when ingested are oxidized in the animal

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the end of this time the specific gravity of the filtered urine

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hernia and Mr. Couper for a femoral. They both teemed

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and intended for the Church. He became while quile jouB

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and upper part of the spine. I accomplish this by means of a

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is Pagan. His romanticism is not Christian and he made merry

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given sulphur with it but is doubtful about there being much

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interfering with their capacity for contraction and dilatation and preventing the

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