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much to the satisfaction of the Faculty. Their places were

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McKee J. C Major and Surgeon Medical Director of Department of

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arteriosclerosis hypertension contraction of the kidneys chronic inter

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mortality would come down to 10 or even 8 per cent.

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sitting the whole process may be completed in twenty four

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The case went on and in the latter part of September the

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fiction Mari chat puts a host of bold philosophical political

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benzoate amp c and a short resume is given of a great many

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The mortality is about 24 per cent. the first attack being

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about it I have looked over my notes of cases occuring in the

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by the so called strumous disease of the ankle joint white

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t lt. have been considered particularly as it would have been an

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Becoming physician at Charenton he studied mental maladies

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Bussell b. 1843. Educated at Harrow Edinburgh and Trinity

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It is probable that the sulphides so much and successfully em

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of intelligence on the part of the patient since to be of any

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processes which occur in diseased bone and of the differences

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neutralized in yellow fever as Lampriere very pertinently remarks by

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time We have mentioned before that the first object to be

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In 358 cases analyzed by Young the following incidence of symptoms was

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Extract of Hamamelis and Churchill s tincture f iodine. In

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left. The transverse colon was somewhat displaced downwards.

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common malignant tumor is secondary cancer. Retroperitoneal sarcoma is also

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Pliny Caius Plinius Secundus the elder Roman naturalist

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International Federation of Freethinkera. Count Ricci amp rdi

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those problems which are purely seientitic are left out and

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Practice of Medicine Surgery and Obstetrics the plan to

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home some ten days later. October 2nd returned again on

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