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into the cavity of the nterus but interstitial tumors or those

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eczema for some time Dr. Piffard has used it with much

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Patient is of average size for his age with a rather dull and

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antidote for pyrosis. After several months a well marked

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the same time by its action shall tend to reopen the avenues

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formerly first because we are on the lookout for it especially in patients

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of methylene blue and indigosulphate of carmin are less helpful.

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ftrst appeared as a poet with Poems 51. Of his powerful

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of the nipple infiltration of and possibly nodules in the skin

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Mycosis Esophagi. Dr. Letzerich f describes the case of

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mingham Hospital for Women etc. Second edition thoroughly revised

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course of instruction must apply at the Hospital to the Lady Superintendent.

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firm. No signs of cerebral inflammation or softening could

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Educated by the Moravians. In 1795 he published a Vindication

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the vestibular glands of Bartholin the clitoris and the female urethra.

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ture of nitrous and sulphuric acid with starch solution as an indicator.

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mon. In 15 of his cases there was early escape of the liquor

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in the American Journal of Medical Sciences January

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right chest both back and front. Suddenly about the end of

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back of the tongue is brought into contact with the soft palate

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glymoid joint and in this respect was unlike the flail like ex

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stance and turn to the authors quoted above. Sydenham refers

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votive tablets of the preserved are seen in the temples not

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the correct knowledge of the pathology of asthma shows the

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his bladder hesitation straining small stream increased frequency

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so as to possess this work. The plates arc fall paged 32 in

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on slowly there occur a gradual tension and weight in the

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AVe find that by these mechanical arrangements all worn

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temperature at noon 103 8 6 j nothing about the wound to

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to have believed but in his Colloqutum Beptaplomcron coloquies

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illustrated by establishing a time store at Cincinnati. His

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through the nostril by whieh he scrapes off the tumors. This however

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A careful routine examination however including a study of the urine

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this firm is very much landed andja i the treatment of

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generally be found sufliciently dilated at the end of a further

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