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the peritoneal cavity is exposed to their contact is shortened by

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In fevers in an advanced stage it is remarked where the

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This is rarely seen. Males past middle life are most often affected. The

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Mystery 1822 is his most serious utterance and it shows a

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of the so called epicritic polyuria that often signalizes convalescence in

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panying it recurred and was removed again and again. Dr.

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It was removed piecemeal through a semi lunar incision on the posterior

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articles to periodicals. His wife Jane Cunningham who calls

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side remained in the other none. Of the three others who got

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the debris of worn out blood corpuscles. When these deposits

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started from its socket and then pushed hack again. Some time

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which acidoses occur a disproportionate excretion of certain acid bodies

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subject is considered is worthy of special remark and shows

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became member of the Academy of Sciences at Berlin

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is a proliferation of connective tissue elements occurring pri

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body to produce in disease substances known as antibodies which are

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tion to tlie physiological and therapeutical properties of vera

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the University. These exercises consist in examinations gt tli

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transports nitro glycerine is more exposed to danger than he

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Loc Tk Rasasbothaa and others. I allude particularly ko the

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indeed as though the author had devoted his life to the study

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a warm stage preferably in a hanging drop. Dried and

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structure of pathological tissue may be abnormal the synthesis of protein

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colic anamnesis blue line on gums basophilic stippling of erythrocytes.

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Loire Inferieure but had to resign from ill health. Died at

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laid over the abdomen. The patient was now in a very satisfac

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better than to say that the doctor does not seem to be aware

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i 1 an organic lesion is found to account for

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Invaded patients may show in some instances almost no symptoms in others

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the second session the examinations for graduation at the

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believes that astringents are usually irritating and harmful.

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monium and the bichloride of mercury are the appropriate

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Brazil. Uo has been consul at Fernando Po Santos Damascus

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Hi says that he cannot die in peace until he shall once more

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it must not be forgotten that the whole country w as plunged

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probable that the lepen do uot come into the lazaretto immedi

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symptoms for two years. Face congested tremors of tongue

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patient U supply its loss. The wound healed in a fortnight and there

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de Belgian Socialist and founder of Collectivism b.

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Haeckel Ernst Heinrich Philipp August German scientist

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not ferment with yeast and rotates polarized light to the left. After

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favorable position in which the medical profession stands in

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of Civilisation in England but so vast was his design that his

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in it. Even then it was considered only as a chemical curios

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in the interstitial tissue of the kidney characterized clinically by marked

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discussions in the various sections a number of reports were


evening. There was no vomiting but the tongue was red and

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does not consider more heroic treatment justifiable till this remedy has

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mountain with her parents the day was very hot with later

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viduals pollakiuria dysuria polyuria or hematuria appear we should

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an asthmatic seizure would for a moment hesitate to relieve the

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unable to help their patients. For although opium could re

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like charcoal by preventing the formation of acrid acids which

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measles in pneumonia in trichinosis in sepsis and in pulmonary or

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difficult to find a surgical condition the treatment of which is so

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public sentiment was now not slow in recognizing their value

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from the knee joint as from the hip. These sores were very

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tion for its cure. The question was discussed at the session of

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or left during its treatment has a marked effect on the result.

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their relation to strabismus 5. Intra ocular tension 6

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takes commonly red blindness or green blindness more rarely

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lates the case of a mulatto child three months old who had

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