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instancing twenty crimes and vices sanctioned by scripture 85.

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siderable elevation above the sea and where the atmosphere

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Koeberle has performed 100 ovariotomies with 17 deaths.

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literature and Balzac said that of the two men who could

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Acetate of lead in large doses somewhat diminishes the secretion of bile

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A New Observation in Physical Diagnosis. At the meeting

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of them may be absent. The patients usually emaciate rapidly and soon become

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In collecting the urine in such cases the ureteral catheters must

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polypeptidlike nature. A great deal of their nitrogen is in the amino form.

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To my mind it is a matter of no mean importance to know

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of Hegel. He has written several works among which we

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Knapp who coincided in the diagnosis of Graves s disease.

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least does not act directly upon the intestinal canal but only

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begins with dragging pains in the joints and feverish symptoms

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the muscular contractile power of the stomach when subjected

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ease and that of the modus operandi of these external stimu

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On the doctor s first visit in November 1879 1 only removed

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The feud between the two French schools of this city has

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found hospitals built arranged and managed by religious bodies

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in the lung tissue and undergo numerous but obscure changes.

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tendence of this important establishment being placed in charge

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second experiment was tried. At the expiration of tlie usual

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