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system. It is this compensatory circulation that accounts for the hemorrhoids

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To the Editor of The Canada Medical k Surgical Journal.

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mercury may also be cited. According to the statement of Da

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rheumatism on the ground that relapses are especially liable

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embodied in Dr. Grant s papers and approved of by this

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had been an injury or previous morbid condition in the affected

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them. The expectoration can be expelled through them. Deg

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chitis. In phthisis again the check is usually retracted while

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trophilic leukocytosis sometimes there are chills and sweats.

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typical vascular hyposthenuria of Schlayer with evidence of marked sen

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the open air lay her down with her head And do the clothing

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uterine injections and hydrobromate of quinine hypodermically

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a nervous sedative on the skin. The physiological action of

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religion would be entirely excluded. But this is not done here

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not bear any pressure against the hypochondrium. On per

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symptoms of congestion and a history of alcoholic abuse.

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obtained by the time it reaches the consumer perhaps in a

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improvement speedily followed the operation. At the end of

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We have already suggested an explanation of the apparent

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disappear from the urine though showers of casts and an increase in the

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tion between the probe and the joint and a similar condition at

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He served in the Legislature eight terms during two of

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best explained by Dr. Schreider in his work on CKmatology.

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