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course constantly improve until all the cases are dead.

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on the connection between astronomy geology etc. He died

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consistence with stretched skin and enlarged veins appearing in

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suggestions that bear good fruit arc thus made the serious ri

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without food. Self educated he established the first Mechanics

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eral effects are more marked. 2. Salicylic acid both free and

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dicatod hy which oil may be temporarily snpplied to the pul

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cephalic vein of the left arm. The usual train of symptoms followed.

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conditions in the genito urinary tract. The so called ammoniacal decom

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medical surgical or gynecological writers we have a few spright

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necessarily be inherited that it is impossible for it to be ac

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mate stiffening of the fingers and toes at the second joint only

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the bandage from the arm furious bleeding followed but

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which cells are embedded. Often the mucus appears as bands or threads

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ated regularly though much of the time her monthly periods

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t Surgical Observations on Tumors with Cases and Observations.

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cervical regioa have diminished much in size the enlargement

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but is a perfectly wholesome water and sample No. 4 town supply shows

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til it resembled white kid. Only fifteen cases recorded. He

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which tend to confirm the autlior s views regarding the causes

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Irritability of the Bladder immediately relieved by Dilatation

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Lectures to the Working Classes and a philosophical statement of

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neglected to take notes of the condition at and at to

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Wilhite. This gentleman was a student in the office of Dr.

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Dr. Sweetland That the discussion on the Reports by Drs.

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liahment near the road stagnant and putrid water which had

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smoking should be almost continual consequently excessive

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the Smallpox and Measles the author being Thomas Thacher

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The annual report by Dr. Alfred Carpenter showed that

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the cellular tissue connected with it. Nor is it possible that

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that scirrhous carcinoma is a disease of established health rather

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II. A Case of a lie amp iirrinff Fibroid or Myxo Sarconia

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and Erysipelas. At the last meeting of the Societe Medicale

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ring may appear due to the precipitation of nucleo albumin. This ring is

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Honor and in 82 member of the Academy. His poems are of

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exercises in one of the Greenwich Bchools Infections are

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delivered the discourses published in The DeviVs Pulpit. He

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Vitry le Frangais author of a work called Code de la Naturcf

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lutionary writer b. Guise 2 March 1760. He was a fellow

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such suspicious or intractable cases. I am convinced that

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The term phosphatic diabetes has been applied to cases showing many

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he has also represented in the Chamber of Deputies. In 187

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the eye etc. all the calculations and formuliv are given in the

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periosteum was thickened Galezowski s explanation of these

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suited to the needs of the pathological anatomist will not suffice for the

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strength with crystallized carbolic acid previously fused and

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inguinaliSj that it does not appear usually until two or three weeks after

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Elements of Modern Chemistry. By Adolph Wurtz Professor of Chem

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children not complaining of symptoms. When the worms are numerous

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been quite right since though it had not troubled him sufficiently

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A verse more ungenerously contrived to insult a profession and

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preservatives chloroform chloral formaldehyd. In concentrated urines the urinary

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hind and thus perpetuated the uterine Q Phe pain how

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A more lamentable mistake could scarcely have been made.

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