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from its having reached a second edition. It is a deplorable
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Bernard Claude French physiologist b. Saint Julien 12
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soul established also the appetites of thirst and hunger by
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warrant the assumption that the case was one of tubercular disease of the
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two rere applied and the patient nearly lost her life.
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When the intestines were turned out the chain of lymphatic
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Disease with copious additions by Ricord edited witli notes
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The work before us is certainly more interesting to the
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in Oxford I described a peculiar method of dilating the uterus
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Johnstone New York 12 Nov. 1815. A friend of Ernestine
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sue of the lungs and pleurae than pneumonia and pleurisy.
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metrorrhagia. When Dr. Barker first saw the case the pa
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he argues against immortality. He translated Horace Lucian
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Recently Volhard and Fahr in their excellent monograph on Blight s Disease
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Professor of History at Madrid and one of the most ardent
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is dry. Such a place for example as Aiken S. C whicli
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to the World s Anti slavery Convention in London in 1840 but
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Lectures lt the Surgical Disorder of the Urinary lt h lt iuis.
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Second. The progressive stages are catarrhal infiltration catarrhal ul
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works we must mention Studies on Religious History 58.
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I tton of occasional attacks of vomiting diarrhoea and 1
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written La Rttssie de voilee au moyen de sa littirature populaire
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Epicurus q.v. She acquired distinction as a philosopher
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hausen. He published Bible Studies on Balaam and Jonah 77 and
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ley were veiy typical showing the waddling gait enlarge
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causes. Ovotomy is the next address by Dr. Theophilus
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cells and the contraction of the newly formed connective tis
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work was Social Statigtics 51. Four years later appeared 1h
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greatly flexed at the second joint that is the one between the
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and of salts some measure of this excretion to replace specific gravity
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organ if we expect to meet with any success in its treatment.
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fashioned jacket linseed poultice is superior to such a mode of
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bypocbondrium and thus constitute a movable tumor. When
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obstruct respiration. Dr. Graham believes this mass of mucus to have
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such slight symptoms that the patients fail to consult the physician.
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attributed to him on insufficient grounds. It is attributed to
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of the tongue produces an explosion which is the sound of K.
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Dr. Beard no doubt here writes whereof he knows having
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in regard to septic power it was well known that septie influences
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women during menstruation pregnancy and lactation in men however creatin
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amino acids ammonia and non nitrogenous substances salts and water.
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made with the tongue placed at various points etc. and even
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lymphatics it would be conveyed directly to the lymphatic
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the tainting of the atmosphere with the products of organic decomposi
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mixing politics with religion and for his anti slavery views.
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established with numerous departments for special diseases.
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other hand in accounting for the production of these essays
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obtained from a patient who died from internal haemorrhage.
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serving some peculiar phenomena in articulate speech by per
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neuralgic pain the result of the aneurisms pressure
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and since 83 has edited Las Dominic ales del Libre Pensamieido
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work. Leaves of Grass with its noble preface appeared in 55
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Dr. Griswold the house physician made a diagnosis of
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improving methods of teaching. Died at Magdeburg 25 July
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