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weight and pulleys for three weeks more union was found to

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while the second retained the carbolic odor the third had no

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BouiUier Francisque French philosopher b. Lyons 12 July

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fifty three years of age and a farmer by occupation. He

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dermatology that of Paris which had been created by the

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there were two quarts of urine always in the bladder especially

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Bationaliste at Geneva where he died 1882. His work Search

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to distinguish between them particularly when seen late as in the

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jority of the cells are round somewhat larger than colourless

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rium by the necessity of neutralizing acids either ingested or formed

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the American Medical Association one can scarcely escape

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Normal urines contain an occasional leukocyte. Larger numbers

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side then the tumor will be found to be interstitial and deep

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neous rupture of the abscess into the rectum or the bladder is common.

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properties which in malaria proper have at least a palliative value are

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imate principles and many important remedies of the phar

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sphincter was perfectly normal. The general symptoms were

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Germans was captured by his men. Elected Member of the

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Anatomy 20 General. Descriptive and Surgical Anatomy

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is there for digitalis. And it is sufficient to remark that food

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stances are considered. Since the nitrogenous substances and the chlorids

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The condition is relatively rare and is but seldom recognized during

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a translation of the fourth edition of Swediaur s Complete

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These five boys with the exception of Ileneker are as far u

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ten years standing and occupied the entire nose which was

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primary or secondary. Adenoma cystadenoma hypernephroma from aberrant

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thrown out to keep the fractured ends in apposition and some

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duals in some subjects a small amount of alcohol daily suf

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approval. The general arrangements the excellent manner

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the tissues may in certain abnormal conditions of the skin pro

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teric abscess 8 omental abscess and 9 retro peritoneal abscess.

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the possible existence of a disease compared with an equal

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water should come in contact with the nasal cavity. In order to attain

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Symptoms. When acute there is sudden painful swelling involv

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The posture is especially valuable if the patient have a descensus or other

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ease as observed in this country together with numerous

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Hindu philosophy in the Cosmos. A democrat in politics he

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unmanageable boy given to all sorts of vices and that latterly

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was ovoid transparent fluctuating of a lemon color it occupied the

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chlorides and the effect of creatinin injections during uranium nephritis.

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without food. Self educated he established the first Mechanics

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antagonism between the action of remedies and the symptoms of

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etiology of flexures the fifth the treatment of flexures and

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SoinI Bernard. He was one of the founders of the FoHmg itb

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and it the salicylate 1 sufficiently diluted neither ulceration

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sand and piney wood districts visited. Ashford King and Gutierrez have laid

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