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internally. The solution consisted of the pure acid in water
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per cent the pain was partially relieved in 2 or 0 90 per
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collection of pus occurring in the exudation of pelvic cellulitis.
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La Justice and the Nouvelle Rtvue etc. Some of her pieces have
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than the mucous surface. If further experience should con
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Schtunanil Robert Alexander German musical composer
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gical Diagnosis designed as a Manual for Practitioners and
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led to try salicylic acid as a remedy in this class of affections.
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cerning the effects of climate upon phthisis the Minnesota
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post partum haemorrhage. Dr. Dill recommended cold douche
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how do you make a tricorn hat out of paper
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li iture wis applied. A branch of some size running into the
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lapsus uteri has been originated by Lefort of Paris. It consists
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In 1884 he came to London in order to influence his country
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cf cardiac complication occurring are immensely diminished.
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previous sanitary condition was all that could be desired till
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Rokitansky Karl German physician and scientist founder
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There was a cancerous mass of the posterior parts of the os and
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ill part of letter Anyone who has had experience With
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fine and penitence. He was again accused at Florence and was
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eminent man of science to proclaim his adoption of Darwinism.
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of repose or latency. The appearance however is fallacious. Soon
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pensation makes the diagnosis of glomerulonephritis certain. The only
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heard the same observation from others that the reputed
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As we have no means of comparing the results of opera
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in his way. lie complained of an increasing numbness in his
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a diagnosis about one year ago of simple ovarian cyst without
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dipping it into hot water and scraping off the under surface un
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food. Acid dyspepsia is one of the commonest forms of de
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The second case is reported by Dr. M. Graefe assistant
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by the accurate methods of Folin and his collaborators varies in normal
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