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anatomy should be taup ht by means of models and diagrams

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The lungs were perfectly normal except at apex of right

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pains then coming on he was brought to the hospital and a

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shunter. It merely removes the nuisance from my door to

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recommends exploring first the 10th intercostal space in the scapular line.

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on The Preventive Treatment of Hemicrania by Cannabis In

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his tongue forgot the Merciful neither did the holy name

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the day. From what I could learn they are deficient in

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separated and soft parts evidently much contused and lace

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or in daily quantities of the latter amount divided into

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men. The local authorities finally put a stop to this however

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abscess a capsule of connective tissue was formed from the

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research and was awarded the prize of the Massachusetts

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without any intention to do harm and purely with a scientific ob

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first day and death on sixty first day. Autopsy abscess and softening

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always claimed that the divisibility of material substances with some

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the other hand are specific but a spectroscope is not always available. The

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immediate result of the application may be depression with

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tooth or cold air upon diseased lungs their agency is a proxi

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cular and scrofulous diseases of the respiratory apparatus. As

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when these conditions are observed. But in cases in which the

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Use of Chloroform in Obstetrics in which he advocates its

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litis. The shock was greater in peritonitis than in cellulitis.

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pleted the injection into the vessels of even a very small quan

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friends left no doubt in my mind that perforation of the intestines had

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obtain this as e.g. in hip joint disease he causes the patient to

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in the dimensions of the spleen. There is constipation in the

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connected with the chimney to cany off odours and vapours.

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Brussels in French a theory of fatalism which created soi

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Books and Papers in Hospitals. The following remarks on

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up the hypochondrium and perhaps displace the liver and diaphragm. Again

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Recovered in two days after 15 grs. of calomel. Forty min

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readily controlled the shaking of the hand is well marked

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and was accused of heresy and Atheism and burnt alive in a

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effete matters is universally acknowledged. In hot and

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cal diagnosis this climate does positive harm. There are

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termination is governed by the extent of the contraction and

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Peaslee and himself but it proved to be a large abscess.

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of the Governors has been directed to the advisability of making

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the two conditions stood in the relation of cause and elfect.

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moving westward. The disease will he thinks be brought to

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or even in America where the objections of small supply and

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takes commonly red blindness or green blindness more rarely

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motor disturbances. In anaemic persons albumen may appear

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Report of the Special Committee on Medical Education before the Illi

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are patients who never tell their physicians the grief which lies

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early stages of ulcer and cancer it ma be impossible to sepa

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Cowperitis cystitis chronic gonorrhea urethral stricture gonorrheal arthritis

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that I should do more than refer to it here as a condition

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for progress is evident from the following taken from page

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devoted himself mainly to poetry though he has written also A

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lief to dyspnoea or fever followed this. In seven cases such

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Moslem doctor. He is said to have called the Eucharist truffa

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the pelvic region. These pains were paroxysmal at intervals

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Lanessan Jean Louis de French naturalist b. at Saint

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The patient made no complaint nor was there any phenomenon

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History of Culture New York 1875 and St Peter s Catechism

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Berlin. She was in Paris during the Revolution of 30. Soon

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therefore earnestly hope that all who can will find their way t I

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took place last July at the meeting of the General Council

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this list. After the death of Alexander he was accused

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of vicar of Crosthwaite Cumberland b. Keswick 1822.

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Salieres A. contributor to VAthee 1870. Has written ar

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the chapters on coryza and post nasal catarrh which contain

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view firstly they had all been operated on l y various

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Cases are not infrequent where artificial teeth are swallowed which acci

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Of the gastro intestinal symptoms anorexia or capricious appetite is

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struck by Drs. Howard of Baltimore and Byrne of New

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urine but the excretion of potassium iodid and of lactose may be delayed

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