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effect on the general vaso motor centre but that its influence is

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to forward advanced liberal views. A selection of his editorials

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said that the extreme corpulency of the patient quite precluded

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This temple possesses a kind of chapel of ease called the

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of diarrhoea and eight cases of neuralgia each of malarial origin

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less than four or six hours. One pound of beef to one pint

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and dangerous contest I maintained tor my all. What were the battles of

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is credited with Philosophical Letters vpon St Paul and the Chris

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Fredin Nils Edvard Swedish writer b. 1857. Has pub

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chief source within the body in the deaminization of amino acids of both

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history of the case is the common one of existence since child

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slowness belonging to jaundice. The duration of these mild

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relapse. After ten days comparative comfort following a very

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The appearance of d fructose often called levulose in the urine is

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been studied carefully in the pigmented stage. The cases have been collected and

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Treatment of Insanity. With an Appendix of Cases. By Jolm Charles

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In conclusion we cordially recommend this book to the notice

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been so utterly helpless at any time in fact lately had not been

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Cancer of the uterus vagina rectum and external organs

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word and substitute the power of nature. Died at Paris

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are the revival of an old exploded theory. We incline to the

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often compensated by an extraordinary use of other organs in

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the theory advanced by Cohnheim with reference to the prob

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Peace and afterwards county attorney. In 52 he was elected

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incident with the profuse diaphoresis which it causes ts

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went to Paris to teach Kantian philosophy but the results were

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ages to resist a tropical or artificially heated atmosphere

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eylate a rapid amelioration of t. symptoms the arrest

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affected than women 2 1. Young children are occasionally attacked.

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inflammation must be kept in mind and every thing which

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ent countries in Europe and confirmed by the investigations

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than the rest occupied the position of the right auricle and pushed

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tened. His lips are thick swollen and protruded. On themes

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or MAH there is no contact but in PE and ME the tongue

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abdominal transfusion In one of the five which he Eaves some

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the power of the Dominion Government then it appears t lt gt me

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Oil. Dr. Kennedy states that various agents have been from

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and is then examined microscopically for the brown rhombic plates of hemin.

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under the pseudonym of Laghm. He had a noble mind and

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ment nd to find securities for good behavior during life. He

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give some interesting experiments bearing on the subject of

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resulting in oxidation and contributes to the fall of tempera

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the tissues may in certain abnormal conditions of the skin pro

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to 101. The urine contained 50 per cent of albumen. A

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from the Standpoint of Philosophy IZ Li erature and History 7 5

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the Rights of British Americans. He drafted and reported to

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tation to your keeping and she will he largely judged of by the

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in danger of being stoned. He devoted much attention to

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ment had not yet finished investigating the matter.

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healthy. Be thought we were educating too much young

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ible for clinical use. On the other hand the determination of the absence

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well as the material collected in his already published papers

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the annular deposits form at the pylorus a stenosis of the

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glomerulus in the glomerulus which is a rete mirabile the vas afferens breaks

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bicarbonate to the nitrate until the reaction is only feebly acid. Hydrogen sulphid

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tific portion of the volume by E. H. Bradford who reports

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of the child were found very soft the thigh being nearly sev

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The bearing of this observation is that putrefaction follows

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blood of the ox and sheep were found to have the most rapid

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started The Correspondence which we believe was the first

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He looks upon the laryngeal muscles as being five in number viz. the

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the action of the kidneys thus antagonizing the moal dangerous

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provement in the local conditions. He went home where he

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prepared from cow s milk over the milk itself in the artificial

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told of his profanity. Among his Bailies was his reply t

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of phonatory paresis seems to have been overlooked up to the present.

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than Late Operation f In order to solve this question we

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organ alone urethra bladder ureter kidney or whether two or more

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