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general treatment is usually called for. It should consist in good hygiene

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Principle. A simplification of the technic of this method has been

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mesentery with anchoring of the small bowel to the spine. The coinci

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instances signs due to the primary growth in other organs stomach

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manifested his genius by writing eclogues and elegies of

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in the mountainous resorts of Switzerland. The objection to

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Charles E. Michel writes on Simple Conjunctivitis its

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amount of uric acid is therefore determined by titrating with T 20

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much pain and inconvenience from the long tight prepuce was

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He became a follower of Hegel and Feuerbach. Heine at

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ever the object teaching usually halts until he begins to

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for Nottingham. Lord Amberley contributed thoughtful articles

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A permanent preparation of urease and its use in the determination of urea.

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chapters on the various forms of pharyngitis come next in

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years after began as a teacher rejecting none who came to him.

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many choice books of poems and criticisms and in his Religion

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should have a restorative rather than an exhaustive char

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the heart is the observation of most physicians who have

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lahors under no mental or physical infirmity nor disability

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all witli few exceptions bear the stamp of Bictt and the in

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Fair of France charges were sworn on oath against Pope Boni

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in quoting from the Jew book to show the plaintiff s bad

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duty in Department of Dakota to proceed to New York City and on

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it is entitled sclerosis just as this term is used for correspond

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expression. Sail us t relates that he questioned the existence o

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motor tracts of the spinal axis that has passed beyond the stage

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movements. On his death he left large bequests to Philadelphia

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never passed involuntarily had no gastric symptoms had an

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Faculty of Medicine Paris Physician to the Hotel Dieu

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was indifferent. The cases we have cited well accord with

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The feud between the two French schools of this city has

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of the womb is due to parametritis or if there be peritoneal

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had Mr. Hutchinson was called in consultation. There had

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neuralgic pain the result of the aneurisms pressure

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the contact of the tongue is shown to extend the whole length

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latter gentleman gives a course on the normal and pathologi

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paroxysms should be paramount. No one who has ever witnessed

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age in ovariotomy Freund s operation after the removal of

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accident is frequent. Sometimes it is an accompaniment of

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and particularly from Documents afforded by the Clinical

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part of the ligament and in reduction it must of course get

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note Hebra s views obtaining a foothold on our shores through

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supported by the Provincial Government bat I believe it has

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of fracture however which justifies its use. I speak now of

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sented a boy showing the result of an excision of the elbow

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disappeared. He has lost flesh not much since March and baa

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able accommodation had been able to open a reading room for

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the urea excretion he calculates the theoretical concentration of sodium

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the true line by percussing hard and thus producing a strong

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clang. Pm e vowel sounds can he made only hy resonance

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which no account is given. Some passages of Milton s Areo

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taneous injection of pilocarpine or prescribes a syrup of jabor

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with the moment for natural defervescence. The pulse mere

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city dweller and the wealthy haciendero may add vegetable

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discovered in the skin not even with the microscope ex

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perforation. Prof. Simpson suggests a simpler form of instrument

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kenzie answers very positively in the affirmative. Our space

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keener digestion more actively and painlessly performed and

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land and England where he was well received by Lord

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ture 08 from some cause two degrees above normal so that

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