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very sections which have always shown a maximnni death rate

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Perot Jean Marie Albert French banker author of a work

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system as sources of heat and mechanical force. See p. 229

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other localities Mr. Kichard Barwell Lancet April 19

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nosis by exclusion. Furthermore sclerosis is greatly more

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finally to favour death. Dr. Kane does not in our opinion


amounts is produced. At any rate the regularity of the occurrence of

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Oder. In 1692 he published a little book Concordia rationis et

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in all and the writer thinks the distinction between these two

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fuse hyperostosis of bone or sclerosis as he calls it and that

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Dr. McDougall as Secretary reported the proceedings of yes

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York have written able and exhaustive articles on the subject.

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Extract of Hamamelis and Churchill s tincture f iodine. In

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In 1788 appeared his Almanack of Honest People in which the

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extremity. Astringent powders were applied and soon the congestion

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point. A selection of them has been published with the title

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cated at the Jesuits College St. Omer. Being advised to

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duced his famous Discourses upon the Method of Reasoning Well

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For the vomiting onl a solution in cherry laurel water of

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Victoria. Donald A. Livingstone who has been in practice for

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Afterwards the Free Inquirer A Course of Popular Lectures was

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He became a sea captain and was afterwards shipper at

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The following gentlemen 36 in number have passed their

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lion of Women and his Autobiography and Essays on Religion

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emboli similar to those observed in man as a result of severe traumatisms.

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intellectual moral and spiritual laws. Fichte took deep inte

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wise to resist expulsive efforts as the bowel will be apt to be

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in view when making a diagnosis by exclusion. The relation

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and bear more resemblance to dilated lymphatic vessels than

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Dear Sir May I ask why the courtesy of an invitation to

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but hardened specimens showed on section closely packed

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the Cyclopaedia was placed upon the Index but he was buried in

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power that may be of great service in the treatment of heart

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geons and General Practitioners. First half. Breslau Morgen

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not do these things may justly blame the teachers who failed

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school authorities wished to find out what that influence

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intestinal stasis and of the means of preventing and of remedying them.

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cholera We have had slight sprinklings of cholera in and

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in which he also distinguished himself carrying off the premiums

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to convert creatin into creatinin in intermediary metabolism analogous to the

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Text Book part i. dealing with natural religion 1876 The

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ugalization. The bacteria may be studied by microscopic examination

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the fundus and was of the mural variety. There was no

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not readily undergo adhesive inflammation. Thus I have all

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in normal urine nor in normal tissues. It is a foreign protein.

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may be mentioned chronic osteomyelitis chronic empyema chronic suppu

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cause and then proceeds to give his reasons for supporting

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cites without apparent cause often requiring tappings every week or so

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gusted with the oppression and degradation of his country he

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but may have important bearings on the pathology of the

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hepatic parenchyma and the alterations in the connective

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scales before it breaks rodent cancer excoriates and then

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patient whether or not the palpation is painful. The reply is usually in

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rance its boggy Feel and its softening at points thirdly

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P. 30 line IS for National Science read Natural Science.

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part of it about her school and lessons. There had been

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nor are there present the prominences which give the nodular

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This procedure has also been found useful in the determination of

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not get over it but that his condition was not hopeless and there

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mote the granulations the acid dissolved in olive oil 1 to 16

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and may be a fortnight. In the case of a body clandestinely

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Yale College 26. Having warmly embraced the principles of

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tioned a case in which ergot administered with treatment of

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proposed to tin atient hut unfortunately was not agreed to.

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devoted himself to literary research. He is the anonymous

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salivation produced by the mercurial frictions. He further

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tion by the kidneys should be maintained by the use of

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not be made of the works of Dr. William Currie which short

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It is also evident that in the older classes of statistics as

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Vitoux G.. Vhelioiherapie dans les tuberculoses abdominales dans les tuberculoses pulmo

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extensive and exhaustive treatises which are bo well known. It

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clusions or of hypothetical deductions. It is unquestionable an

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