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But the cardiac muscle also loses its excitability and becomes

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every one anxious to make a thorough examination and thus

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Vertical Advisory System. Students have the opportunity for close personal association with

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The decrease of temperature is the result of the change in the

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affections which require their employment. This is the point

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up a good variety be careful to write proper names and teehnicai

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case of pneumonia which may possibly be due to plague.

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apology. Such was his earnest wish and desire and he wished to

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but even directly induce scurvy just as we see the disease more

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because more prompt in its action and besides changes the

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this poison which have been taken in different cases that very

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tities than in those which are capable of maintaining health

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lesions in the superficial arteries from external injuries but more

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tant and comprehensive that appeared during this period and in

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bleeding. This surely militates against the happy results

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of the stomach of a rabbit which had been killed with one drop

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that it was any more useful. In one of the cases I thought

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bowels open pain in right groin. th Thigh sore npon the

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the uterine cavity as it would be found in these reversed positions

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calabar counteracted tlie effect of atropine. On the other hand

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geon X. who treated my patient in the Rue Duphot. Benoit

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loss of power set in with vomiting and diarrhcBa then convul

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It is true that Doctor Campbell informs us that the honorable

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cation of the acid in various ways the number and energy of the

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to external condyle of femur knee joint bending inwardly

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Diphtheria MacCorubie deals with the grave clinical significance of skin haemorrhages in diphtheria.

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junctiva and injection of the anterior ciliary vessels in the

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