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no deaths and claims to have shortened the duration of the

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Beccaria Bonesana Cesare an Italian marquis and writer

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of a philosopher 81. Esqnisse d une morale snns ohligntion ni

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we can say that in the preparation of the work every care

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tion or of a carcinosis peritonei with hemorrhagic exudate bloody ascites.

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fest reasons when the direction of the light rays to the fore

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but as he had contracted syphilis some twenty years ago and

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in Margaret Street Cavendish Square 7 April. 1776. He wrote

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Scrofulosum in a female was under the care of Mr. Waren Tay

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organic and functional diseases of the heart is found in the

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must obviously play a very important part. When the minimal blood

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ture. The fourth address to be given by a distinguished

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uses of the substance in question. The botanical description

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unhealthy only a little indolent. The nuns told me that occa

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edited the Anti Slavery Standard 41 etc. and by her numeronB

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ascites should always make one think of the possibility of a tuberculosis

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gular purplish areas which are not affected by pressure Most

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tables bearing upon the same subject the reader is referred to

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At the business meeting Dr. Duhring was reelected presi

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generally supposed 2nd It does occur frecp iently with pneu

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less character than the preceding as it was a well developed

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The obvious and great dangers arising from such defects

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The fowl could represent the birds and the cat the mam

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Arterial hypertension also occurs in the contracted kidney that follows

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So jealously is this shut ofi from the lungs that the blood

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among the causes of failure is want of persistence in treat

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small amount of loss of flesh and a fair appetite in other

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dyspnoea resulted from hydrothorax. In all the cases of fe

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In the abdomen there was recent peritonitis the intestines being

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would cease the morale be renovated and elevated self res

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Aug. 1748 was made painter to the king but joined the Jacobin

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dle was then inserted and 17 oz. of reddish pus without odor

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persistent and severe one sided pain in the head with co exist

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sion into hospital patient was in a very weak and feeble condi

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The regular meeting of this Society was held June 25th 1880

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