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can and do stand to day each maintaining that where phthisis
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oot particularly concern the general surgeon although for
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an Antitrinitarian. He went further than P. Socinui and
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and the axillae and gives the following results The internal tempera
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erally preceded by inflammation of the organs of the throat simple an
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blood corpuscles present in the urine hematuria. It is true that in all
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tics who share the diet and the dwellings of their foreign em
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taken as evidence of nitrogen retention since the concentration of urea
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of white nodules having the general outline of a wedge with
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of the Van Swieten s liquor should be administered in a little
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Canadian medical men. From a national standpoint they were
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of these cases is so unique and so complete in the history that
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JesiuH of Nnzara 67 72. He also wrote a striking work c
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The substance cuts with remarkable firmness a irtain
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ics or by the veins. But there is no longer much room for
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them can be seen embraced by numerous small fibrils crossing
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the intensity of the animal heat. A case under treatment at
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work is a little more concisely written than the United
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pushed downward and a little inward toward the median line
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other remote effects of chronic prostatitis. Four distinct groups of referred pains
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accepted by faith. He was brought up to. the law and was a
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This brings us to a new feature in a work on gynecology
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The manoeuvre as practiced by him is as follows The throat mirror
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the sonorous being changed to mechanical vibrations by means
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continued too long without interruption and should be pro
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rated with impunity by the uterus under any circumstai
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back paralysis followed from which patient improved but

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