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the bandage from the arm furious bleeding followed but

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b. 30 April 1856 has written on Mind Considered as a Bodily

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stand operative gynecology may be witnessed in considerable

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at these various colors through a solution of fuchsine gr.j to

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pursued by the Inquisition and his goods seized. He lived in

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on this subject need not be told of their value and to those

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centration of urea in the blood above 0.500 in a normal person under

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Pnenm roia ia which after speaking of the morbid anatomy

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phrectomy however the surgeon desires to assure himself 1 that the

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inability was alow bui gradual and for fully five hours the

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fourth century b. at Antioch. He wrote the Roman history

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Cincinnati one of the first probably in this country to use it.

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aging to future interference with such cavities under more

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Warwickshire 30 Jan. 1775. He was educated at Rugby and

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reformer and orator b. Peterkov Poland 13 Jan. 1810

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autolysis and its relation to the pigmentation of hemochromatosis. J.

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urate and monosodium urate or acid urate. A so called hemisodium urate in

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er that in the words of Kokitansky fatty liver is an essen

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those of the sounding body augment or reinforce the original

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menopause covered by thinned and discolored skin fluctuating

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becomes dry and sometimes a lenticular exanthem especially on the chin

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the spinal cord and to oppose the exaggerated reflex sensibility

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that rectal fistulaa generally occur at this place strengthens the suspicion

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Christianity and Ocellus Lucanus on the Eternity of the World

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been present at the creation of the world he would have proposed

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between the coracoid and the acromion proc The styloid

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first dose of calomel was followed by a fall of temperature of

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traction of the sphincter ani muscle. This however was safely

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of the pyramids the so called uric acid infarcts a bad name.

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large persona experience of poisonings by these plants when on a

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was incompleted and must be carried on by the Rationalists.

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of Donnal ovariotomy or female c i as it has d variously

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lie invisible to the naked eye a lens mounted en a handle being

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in size is maintained and a gradual return to the normal is

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with plaster and thus there was obtained a rough cast of the

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many instances have relied upon as their sole guide in the

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solids the specific gravity loses some of this significance. Since in renal

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ever the section was made as in Fig. 3 then a rhythm ensued.

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of that late horn but aggressive specialty Gynaecology I have

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year in California making a gain in dry season and a partial

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frequent while common cold water is swallowed invita natura

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libers run in the lateral columns of the spinal cord of the cat.

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exist in that country the compulsory notification of infectious

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describes the remarkable case of a patient aged twenty five who pre

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at the level of the top of the fluid the mark corresponding

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Van Slyke has shown experimentally that absorbed amino acids from the

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article entitled On Pyopneumothorax subphrenicus and sub

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examination of the patient s lungs reveal evidences of tubercular deposit.

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days and after the use of the ergotine a small quantity of

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Fever. Professor Klebs of Prague believes that he has dis

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disease tlian chano o of situation Laennec on the Chest.

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mation we may as well hold to the established nomenclature

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produce enough evaporation to make the odour perceptible.

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morphine and at 10 o clock I left the patient comfortable. I

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is as yet fully determined. The calcium and phosphorus balances have

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Versailles troops entered Paris he escaped to Switzerland. On

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record. Recorded instances of the first or irritative stage are on the

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case as to the possible beneficial effects of its use in smaller

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