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ounce of mineral matter. This does not keep him in good
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Hall William R. First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon. Assigned
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has been so ftworable that I shall certainly experiment with it
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however we may remark in passing it would have been con
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ment of the human soul 1846 and Nature and Idea 1861. Died
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administration was thus continued during the day and into
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jected substances are inhausted up into the small intestines.
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have them burnt and an order was passed 27 July 1658 for
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tion. He was a Voltairean and in his Nouveaux Saints 1801
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ensues from sudden and large haemorrhage. In accordance
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Simon. He had used it in vesico vaginal fistula after the
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essential and whilst practising in an entirely different manner
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liy arresting tlic circulation it depresses the reflex function of the cord
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too hot or cold food alcoholic liquors tobacco bad air and excessive use
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its History and Influence on Society 73 The Idea of God 74

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