Phenazopyridine Other Uses

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and the plaster was placed accordingly while the physician who
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the drug were obtained. The slowness of its action in this
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written a much better essay on the other side. He afterwards
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million dollars. He called his vessels after the names of the
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was not made known for several days to the great risk of all
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for 24 hours at room temperature the mouth of the flask being
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nance of this trianjrle is always duller than that of the portion
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country early in June and returned to the city early in July
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cation of the Divine Attributes s nd2i Discourse on Freethinking 171
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ment on the presence of micrococci. The relation of these organ
phenazopyridine hydrochloride (pyridium)
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in the State. He aftewards resided at Revere and delivered
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method or the alternative hypodermic injection which is apt to
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mia and whether exudations indicative of profound altera
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The great yield of force obtained from fatty food as compared
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The volume very appropriately opens with a brief sketch
phenazopyridine other uses
Fecqueur A. contributor to the Rationaliste of Geneva.
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two cases should be published. What I know about Antiver

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