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Medical Department of the United States Army. The fol
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where he died in 428 B.C. It is related that being asked how
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Paralytica Tilrrk supposed to arise from conihined paresis of the
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In 77 he became eenioT profeseor of mathematics in the U. B.
the Left Kidney Downward and Lateralward. Note that
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lowing with laryngeal pain and cough. On Jai yngoscopic examination a
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We think that sueh refinement of die laa to make out a
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to intercede for the Protestants. He served in the Nether
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written a paper on the cure of cancer. Nor need we express
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As a type of the acute nephritis with abrupt onset we may take
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schrlft for 1877. In this case a young girl who had symptoms
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Marselli Niccola Italian writer b. Naples 5 Nov. 1832
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fresh and by using several specimens the muscles need never
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tion. If however the first sound of the heart is short and
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the ninth day. While the author intimates that the operation
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inability was alow bui gradual and for fully five hours the
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they were never pushed to the point of producing ptyalism. She
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be but unfortunately it is almost Utopian to expect that in
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remained when the main portion of the placenta was deliv
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childbirth. There may be a marked tendency either to atrophy endometritis
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fat in the liver pulmonary lesions debilitating influences anaemia and

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