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intestinal digestion. The integument of the face neck and
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Vaccination Bleeding Extraction of teeth Hypodermic Injection
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consist of a short fragment on Physic a collection of Leiterx and
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patient took 75 grains of the soda daily in divided doses. On
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by the rectal fluids and that these substances as such cannot
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Koebler s Treatment for Metrorrhagia. Professor Koebler
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then suppression of urine and coma after 30 grains of calomel
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sical signs will throw on the matter. AYlien the man is
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spermatic cord on palpation the veins feel like a snarl of fishworms.
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Dr. Wing found in the oases examined that it had can
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I believe it to be a most valuable and important adjunct to
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quent injuries such as cuts and scratches in shaving excoria
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two volnmes of Ilebra s great work was published in England
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Quinine 15 grains morning and evening caused slight re
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twenty eight who died in St. Luke s Ilospital. There was
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hepatic artery during the process of digestion is a physiologi
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ory of so talented a physician. Thus the approach of change
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merly Demonstrator of Anatomy in the Cathohc University of Ireland
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and Sciences b. Kendal about 1680. The first edition of his
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usually about double the total of the night voidings. In cardiac and renal
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published with a prefatory note by Professor Huxley. 79.
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from consumption. It is well known that far up in the

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