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next few months there was very slow progress during which
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delirious.Hid into a moribund condition 1 1 can only
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Mialhe Hippolyte French writer b. Roquecourbe Tarn
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the limb and its encasement sufficient for distinct motion
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dition which sets in rapidly after one exposure to cold and which runs
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calcium content of all tissues except the lungs in which on the contrary
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and urges that man should find circumstances in which
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and on the contrary nothing will so much advance its pros
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stimuli that have acted upon it. They studied especially the effects of sodium
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the left ride from having overheated himself in walking. This
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fluid might he the cause of the long continuance of the oaSB he
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one the erosions occurred in patients affected with typhoid
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symptoms are however mixed up with the perturbation due
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hastened in its development by a low cold temperatm e and
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life. As to the dangers of oesophagotomy Koenig s statistics of 28 cases
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face exposed. Regarding the curette he says Recamier
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wise make it necessary dilatation of the cervix for digital examination
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know of several cases where the friends have been deterred from
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When optically active substances other than sugar are absent and
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Pox William Johnson orator and political writer b. near
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Witnesses This controversy was continued in 2 Ac Resun ection
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with the moment for natural defervescence. The pulse mere
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tant in performing gastro enterostomy. Ordinarily the surgeon seeks the upper
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truction which was bought in 1784 by the Due de La Valli re
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the meatus so small as to only allow of the introduction of a
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There was extreme pallor of the skin the limbs were greatly
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economy and philosophy at Brussels University b. Braine le
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intense icterus. The urine in every case contains some pig
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the Village of Lennoxville in other buildings away from the college.
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tion of the function performed by it and this is notably the
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ration these are never completely evacuated while the fluid
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and Schlesinger had demonstrated its presence both at the bed
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permanent pressure. Judging from the symptoms there can
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is formed from constituents of endogenous origin. As much as 30 to 70
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them to excess in our endeavors to reinstate them and that
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i gt constantly kept part of which becomes decayed was of an
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who tells us that in beginning practice in London a special
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had this been done any material assistance would have been
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it are large brownish eccliymotic patches but these are not
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Kant s Philosophy made him a complete sceptic. In 1800 he
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We have in this country every diversity of climate and
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Burigny wrote a letter in answer to Bergier s Proofs of ChriS
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his practice in this manner. He claims the right to be considered
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Feb. 1812. Studied at Upsala and became a medical doctor in
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in the treatment of the younger asthmatics but is by no means
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in accordance with the nature of the case and that antiseptic
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The appearance of blood or pus at one ureteral opening while clear
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Etiology. The cause of cancer is entirely unknown. Cancer of the
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A discussion followed in which Drs. Kennedy Bessey Bell
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of certain aliments. We can not therefore subscribe to the doc
of Standard Medical Authors. In this work medicines are
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from veratrum sabadilla was supposed to be identical with the
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tions above given repair may take place with more or less
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mia the probability of the abnormal urinary condition being entirely due
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The New Marine Hospital on Bedloe s Island. This island

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