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questioned we should be inclined to doubt its practicability
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devoted himself to the elaboration of an original system of
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serious haemorrhage occur in this operation. Gazette des Hopi
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to void after a shorter or longer period of nycturia pollakiuria and small
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the right loin and downwards t the scrotum but there was do
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may take two teaspoonfuls three times a day. Besides this
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Conditions by Dr. William Abram Love a comparison of
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about it I have looked over my notes of cases occuring in the
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to La Liberie and was one of the prominent lecturers of the
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Grube K.. Quantitative Zuckerbestimmung mil Hilfe der Kupfermethoden und spezielle
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pierre into the Luxembourg prison where for nearly a year he
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we should have had rapid wasting instead of the patient
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said in his laboratory ever found their way into print.
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pain temperature and pulse normal. Patient was kept in
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bring the foot at onee into position and seal op the wound with
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Bad cystitis also COngfa and emaciation. The operation was
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lent substitute for cod liver oil. A portion of a rib free from
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any trituration higher than the third centesimal. Hence it is impossible
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there is vomiting especially vomiting of chocolate or coffee
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the ulcerated legs the bleeding haemorrhoids repeated tap
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cavity owing to incomplete rotation of the umbilical loop sinistroposition 3
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minoids into a material called Bernardin amyloid matter or
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Brown Boston City Hospital Repoi ts new series 1877.
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reports of twelve cases together with matters of interest per
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typographer he invented an early composing machine which
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Brunei of Montreal was duly elected a permanent member.
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you for while it was my intention to carry the history on
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M. Guyau was a follower of M. Fouillee but all his works bear
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vain. Democritus was the forerunner of Epicurus who im
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Bernay 1743. Was elected to the States General by the clergy
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fatty tumor which he thought to be the cause of this condition
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Diagnosis. As Rolleston emphasizes the history and mode of onset
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Errors appearetl in 1646. While disputing many popular
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Vermersch Eugene French journalist b. Lille about 1840
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I gt r. Howard had placed myeloid among semi malignant growths.
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nature for which he was prosecuted by the clergy. He died
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my indebtedness to A. de Gubernatis whose Dizionario
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ireful legislation in the inter State medicine and lt
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sustaining his publications. Learning that a distinguished
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The histological character of medullary cancer is clear and
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vic peritonitis. There are also three illustrations one of
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in moderate health might suddenly vomit up a large quantity
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micro organisms showed themselves in the form of rods about
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man who was suffering from syphilis and took his nails from the saTne
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of this body interferes with certain tests. This is usually done by acidifying
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tivae heavily furred tongue elongated in shape reddened at
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toms ceased. Strieker reports a case where the hallucina
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by the method of one sitting on two others by multiple sittings
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close student of the skin and its diseases. Throughout occur
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Literature at the University of Bologna b. Pietrasantra in the
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alluded often renders parents apprehensive of lung disease. In
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On motion oi Di Osier seconder of Dr Campbell s notice
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together with palpitation precordial oppression and in rare
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In passing a singular little work by Charles Jones which
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eruptions have been observed after quinine chloral hydrate
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Bartliez Paul Joseph French physician b. Montpelier 11
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His Life and Works These are translated into English. He
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to 101. The urine contained 50 per cent of albumen. A
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It was suppressed by the French Parliament and the author
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NaCl will also precipitate the colloidal solutions of proteins. No de
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London 26 Feb. 1671. Educated by Locke in 1693 he was
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the broadest heresy. He published several Pantheistic scien
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re written. A short description is given of the central convolu

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