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tial cause of this disease as stated by the author above quoted
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Diderot s La Reliyieuse and the journals Droits de Vhomme and le
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works having previously published an historical romance on
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sound or Sims or Elliott s repositor. If there be much flexion
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but written with special reference to the wants of the profes
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rism of the abdominal aorta and 6 from ovarian cysts.
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Esprit tie Spinoza Under the famous title Treatise of Three
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in the sphincter ani. Afterward Goltz observed the same
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Hannotin Emile French Deist b. Bar le Due in 1812 and
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tained in the blood of the portal vein. Budd supposes it to be
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may exist alone without any hyperostosis. The latter proba
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rhageSjf which was published a few years earlier. The sub
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started the Independent Pulpit at Waco Texas in which he
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the school. One of the children had his head uncovered in
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So satisfied was I that the well was always the dangerous
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reach the normal kidney for this organ extends normally for a distance
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spere 78 and has written in the Revue Positive and other
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manent and perhaps prominent addition to our charitable estab
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A Practical Treatise on Tumors of the Mammary Gland embracing their
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thickened and as hard as cartilage and is often adherent to its surroundings.
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no deaths and claims to have shortened the duration of the
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on the isle of Caprera. In 59 he again fought the Austrians
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De Witt C Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Assigned to duty as
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Dr. Ividil altbough evidently partial to Ilalinemann s law
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treatment was applied in seven cases commencing with the
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Health Primers. On Exercise and Training on Alcohol on
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professor of Church history. Baur i the author of numerous
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sanitarians or concerning which more has been written than
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Jesua entitled The lU ormer from GaVtUe. Mr. Lindkvist hal
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published them a second time he was arrested at the Hague
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to have given upon points which are still in dispute let us
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Prof. Starcke has since published in the International
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ducted hospital where the cleanliness good fare and careful
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cal colleges will be admitted to the second year but all such
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in walking. About a v he had an apoplectic attack and
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and Spectator 1860 73 and wrote several works on Dutch
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tbeir bills monthly and employ a common collector who will
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to elicit discussion on so common an affection and one regarding
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candidature of the Due de Montpensi r in 69 and became
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of the National Convention known as the Abb Dupont who
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mentioned Kiernan Budd Rokitansky Frerichs whose work has been
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he explains how he came to give up Christianity He has also
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convalescence a few new patches appearing occasionally.
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Contracted Kidneys. As regards the contracted kidneys we have learned
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Breslan 23 Nov. 1830. A friend of Schopenliauer whof
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novels we mention the Ordeal of Richard Feveril 59 Emilia
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bleeding point. This is to be repeated as often as may be
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lack of moisture which may possibly arise from an insufficient
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Diagnosis. This is usually easy if the patient be seen before cardiac
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some atheists and sceptics from Kapila to Leconte de Lisle 86.
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Massey Gerald poet and archaeologist b. of poor parent
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according to McLean the lowest compatible with normality. Along with
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kind as friction between its various component departments
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but since 1874 at Boston. This he edited 1870 80. In 1872
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ice of ulceration or granulations. The drum head was simi
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the history of a man aged forty who had his humerus dialo
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was rather a moral discipline than a religion. Though he did
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depend on physical signs alone. In regard to this the great
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Lucretia Mott etc. He wrote The Living Present and the Dead

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