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prisonment for life and was subject to brutal treatment till the
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touched with a few drops of the nitric acid mixture. The characteristic colors
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toms. These may occur entirely independently of albuminuric retinitis
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a slow course with slight rise of tem erature when in hos
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contracted a fever probably typhus ushered in with bronchial
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were in the third stage of tuberculosis with cavities two were in the
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greatly lessened when the body is in an atmosphere warmer
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most successful in overcoming these troublesome sometimes
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ulcerative neoplasm the amyloid nature of the hepatic enlargement is tol
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Spinosa Baruch Pantheistic philosopher b. of Jewish
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Third. That the temperature may not exceed that to be
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and containing 8.40 grains of solid mineral matter to the Imperial gallon
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Kummell JfiC. Dfc Diagnose und Behandlung der losartigen Prostataerkrankungen im
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ated after twelve minutes immersion. The doctor was called
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head of bone in all its possible positions. Many other points of
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joint of many months standing. The patient has now recov
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I. In tin lower part of the mammary ami infra axillary
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I made no reference to any written report. I was writing
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The ascites is a marked feature and usually necessitates frequent tappings.
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in this State. Therefore when it is proposed to try the effects
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mous ijuantity of reading matter thus given to the profe
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Spain and honored with the esteem of Vespasian and Titus.
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every medical man exercising his personal influence with the
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President of the Spanish Republic 12 Feb. 73. Died poor
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return of his trouble after a comparative recovery. I used in
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creased for a short time and was followed by progressive dim
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more marked than here. But so great a varicose dilatation I
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adoption of the metric system and gave a review of its present
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superstiticms he showed he partook of others This curious
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typhoid fever in children differs essentially from the treatment
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they affect the larynx. It will be remembered that the laryn
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superimposed upon a chronic arteriolar sclerosis of the kidney. The his
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and Surgery conducted at the bedside in the Hospital
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dictator but this served to raise against him a band of ariato
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holds not only that there is no evidence of a God but that
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The destructive and widespread plagues of 53 Y and 1374
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weeks. If the posterior urethra become involved uretJiritis posterior
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nuclei. But as is well known nuclei are not essential ele
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hand to excite the depressor nerve of the heart thus slacken
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pressed on the lumbar nerves. The former seemed the more
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to be important factors just as in the formation of gall stones.
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advanced position seems to be the easier and more natural
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julep or four grams of subnitrate of bismuth in sweetened n
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is the greatest. His chief prose work is Wilhelm Meistei x
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the total mortality from all causes was only thirty six which
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entirely destroyed the anaesthetic used was a mixture of spirits
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a large institute for the prosecution of his treatment. He was
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section is due to the division of inhibitory libers running
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he made experiments hoping to find an efficient and eligible
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A friend of Bertrando Spaventa he succeeded to his chair at
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visiting locations where as we have seen such patients are
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consumption. As these places are all low elevations the fact
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tion with loss of weight blood spitting and lung disease. I
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after meals. If the patient be chlorotic it is well to combine a
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Ciemenceau Georges Benjamin Eugene French politician
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Assistant Physician to the West London Hospital amp c.
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and scepticism was surreptitiously published in 1642. It ran
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a diagnosis. The temperature was taken for five days with
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politics. Bagehot was a bold clear and very original thinker
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of seven persons a Catholic a Lutheran a Calvin ist a Pagan
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principal work is entitled Studies in the History of Humanity He
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cost they would be admirably fitted for preliminary anatomi
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pyaemia or septicaemia or erysipelas. These figures certainly
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but fortunately their work and their character speaks fur itself
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favorable report. He used it in small doses and believes that
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orifice. They are only to be recommended for the preliminary
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theria as it not only acts as an antiseptic but also favors the
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shows that too great stress must not be laid upon this observa
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Pennsylvania. He occupied the chair of Practice in the Medi
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face ringing of the ears. amp c. In tin case I wasfortm
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evolved as a kind of product from the white blood corpuscles.
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to sicken me with thy Supreme Being. Was txiled 1 April
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disease. There is some evidence that it may be markedly disturbed.
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Lebrun. He became secretary to King Jerome Napoleon and
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to read was the Ruins of Volney. Studied law and became an
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his own faith gave way. He left the Church in March 83 and
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of the blood conditions which weaken the resisting power of the system.
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of his case. Dr. Legrand made no reply to this aocu
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common carotid artery performed by Dr. Fenwick the result of

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