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Franchi and Luigi Stefanoni in the Libera Penmro and the
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able for the propagation and spread of the poison when once in
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grades of society of intelligence and education suited to her
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lemonade and diluents. Fomentations turpentine stupes
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centration in vacuo to half the original volume or on precipitation with
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present but they are relatively few in number as there is no marked
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lieving the very urgent laryngeal spasm which frequently threatened suflFo
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physioloj ical experiments. Its size and cost sliould be mod
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growth in the vaginal wall. The idea that it was a cyst was
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gestions. In the chapter on treatment systematic feeding is
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and since then the number of female students has been grad
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place the area of hepatic dullness being correspondingly re
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dilated onset of jaundice sudden jaundice often intermittent absence of
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Hedinger and Schlayer found that in normal individuals their test diet was
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In the majority of cases of disease of the joints if detected
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we are speaking that the establishment of departments for
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the Ventnor Hospital for consumptives has recently tried the
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elderly women digital or specular examination coitus owing to ad
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C. We are now prepared to consider the advantages pre
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appears throughout the work. We are taught that healing
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general b. Caracas 1750 aided the Americans in their War of
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thirty seven to forty five grains and so on in proportion to the
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Herbert Spencer planned the International Scientific
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ment of a wide spread feeling that some change should be mad.
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distinct nodules or in a dense annular mass that it presents
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We advise all to read this very interesting little book. Having
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instances we are unable to get the whole diseased mass the
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diseased tissue with Bnbsequent cauterisation ol the part. Dr.
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fall occurs about hall an hour after the drag is given and if
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acid has likewise been given internally in prurigo and is
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Case V. Male aged 40 admitted 9th of May. Pulmonary
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and therapeutics including a section on retinitis in Bright s disease by
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generally than heretofore in the prophylaxis and treatment of
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is perhaps nothing concerning which it is more necessary to
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University College London Honorary Fellow of King s
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power was however first shown in his English Bards and Scotch
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plates are creditable but they are rather unevenly distributed.
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to those about her yet becoming wearied with the long continued
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of Puerperal Convulsions by Morphia advocates most strongly
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several patients in that institution affected with typhoid fever
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In the second half of pregnancy the palpation of parts of the fetus
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Lipoids of the Nervous System. A considerable proportion of the or
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with some of the Italian names. I must also express
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associated with disturbances in the internal secretion of the pancreas
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and moistening the air t the operating room is abandoned
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pliropatliy primary or genuine contracted kidney and 3 the focal
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tared medical practitioners who may be regarded practically
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tion. He advocated its use very strongly. Previous to a dis
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besides devoting a considerable sum of money to the Spanish

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