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surprising to find any medical journal capable of gravely arguing
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than the extirpation of either uterus or ovaries. In another
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supplied with blood vessels and are liable to be torn more or
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Has translated Romanes Scientific Evidences of Organic Evo
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sion as to the respective functions of the glomeruli and the renal tubules.
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description I commence by incising the skin the subcu
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his observations give no countenance to what is called the M para
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as this has been. Indeed I should decline to take up the time
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place. It was first noted by Glnpje after an injury to the
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from these and other cases. The lung appears to alter but little
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been suggested by a recent reviewer of the second edition of
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syllables of a more complicated character such as ist idst
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philosophy in 85. Has written brochures on Population
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in length commencing from the second dorsal vertebra and
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he called the pianotype. In 1824 he became editor of the
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the proper size and there is no question but that the method
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would have been a double ligation a ligature above and below
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parents Edinburgh 1835. In youth he lived at Frankfort
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duced by tight lacing etc. or displaced downward by effusion
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should never be used unless the coude or the rubber catheter has failed
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ordinary method graduated pads of lint over the site of the
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ture of the exudation is the one which exerts the most influ
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with marked attention and received with applause and should
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tion of the distance between the two eyes their height and
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tumors. When any doubt may exist as to its nature he roc
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pleted the injection into the vessels of even a very small quan
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exfoliation of the membrane from the throat by increasing the
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of elegant charm and he has been named the French Tibnllus.
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of French religious eccentricities was condemned for its
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been considered satisfactory by the district physician.
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be considered here as in all other cases was the making of a
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operations is exceedingly rare. When necessity for operative
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cavity of the diaphragm and furnish the necessary conditions
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fever. Dr. Murray was just 25 years of age in the very bloom
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returned the money 6 Jan. 1730 as the wages of iniquity. He
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indeed if there should be false membrane and that we should therefore be
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Quaker family at South Adams Massachusetts 15 Feb. 1820.
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called milking the prostate a part of the secretion will enter the pars
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There is but little in the book that we could wish to have
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ed in a few hours or on the day following by invigoration.
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In the period of regression which corresponds to that of encystment
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certain kinds of food are prevented by the absence of the bile.
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died at Missolonghi 19 April 1824. His drama of Cain a
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this difference is the fact that a large number of accidents are
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First. Laryngeal phthisis may develop from a simple catarrhal inflam
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the use of salicylate of soda the eruption faded and disap
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The functions of the kidney viewed as a semipermeable membiane between
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Deluc Adolphe Professor of Chemistry at Brussels b.
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studied at Bonn under Schlegel and Lassen and at Paris under
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lated Lammenais Paroles d un Croyant Died 12 Feb. 1837.
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as a rule before the age of 40. Lymphosarcoma originating in the lymphatic
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