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long and enthusiastic friendship for Voltaire. He was said to
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dren in rooms uniformly heated. The number of cases being
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Professor Kolbe shortly after his first experiments an
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discussion of seroretention and historetention of Cl see Functional Renal
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and other peculiarities. Among other matters of interest
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nervous symptoms caused by the contracting products of pelvic
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in his own garden. His property he left to his parishoners.
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rariee and made himself obnoxious to the Sufis. Died about
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wife. Three vacancies occurred for assistant physician to the
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published a lucid analysis of the Positive Philosophy. He
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used only to a limited extent at the Fever Hospital. Doubt
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translated into English 46. To the French edition of 56
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the most serviceable may be mentioned 1 theocin 2 diuretin 3
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science by his Examination of Received Medical Doctrines and
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face exposed. Regarding the curette he says Recamier
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The general Secretary then read telegrams just received ex
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severe attack of typhoid fever lasting about three weeks in the
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became totally deaf but continued to compose till his death at
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and in other infections associated with bacteriemia.
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recovery or death takes place. One symptom occurs so almost
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dense and compact but both external surface and interior of
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fact in diagnosis and prognosis have however proven fruitless.
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The following are the symptoms of the Deforming variety of
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duty in Department of Dakota to proceed to New York City and on
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was based upon the presence of certain neurasthenic symptoms in associa
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port to the British War Office shows that the soldiers sent to
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recognition of Vermont as an independent state. He published
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tion of Church and State. Died at Vichy 21 July 1872.
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denying the doctrine of the conflagration of the world and
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Fetms de Abano. A learned Italian physician b. Abano
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in publishing the following report lt gt t the Medical Commission appointed
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porter of the Anti Corn Law League and author of one of its
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department their authors have shamefully neglected the sub
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of Rosenbach should also be borne in mind and one should
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round for a special journey could not possibly be devoted to
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conditions in the genito urinary tract. The so called ammoniacal decom
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cious appetite bulimia salivation gaseous eructations nausea vomiting
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i ns. i. I on the lever principle the walls of the va
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tle difference of opinion among those who have had any ad
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cent. that of Littr s operation 47 per cent. that of Amussat
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elevating the patient however it will be higher behind and
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hazelnut or larger. The orifice is often narrower than the maximal diameter of
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important public duties by officials who there may be good
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many friends throughout the Dominion more will be stirred to
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enables us to detect certain perversions in the metabolism of all classes of
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to use the stomach pump and then discovered for the first time
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editor of Le XfXe. Siecle has written plays novels and many
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either a diffuse glomerulitis following the effect of soluble toxins circulat
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sumed for a period of many months. And wlien we consid
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great deal of the book is taken from Professor Holmgren s
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Poisonous Symptoms of Salicylic Acid and Salicylate of
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outflow causes engorgement of the medullary part of the kidney. In cardiac

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