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communicated the disease to the village cows and hence to the

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regard to the conditions requiring and the steps involved in

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journal Lo Tronada He has written many anti clerical

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connection with uterine disease. Inflammation can not exist

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Under this heading we include the various local abscesses that de

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Renaissance and in his Canterbury Pilgrims he boldly attacks

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EoMard Pierre French poet h. of noble family 11 Sept.

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part of one lung. He was then transferred to the medical

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kidneys has been generally recognized. So also the polyuria of con

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much valuable information on this subject. A creditor may

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true tuberculosis and true lues of the kidney on the other. Ordinary diffuse

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acetate of lead for this same purpose of averting pulmonary

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These symptoms may be due to cardiac disease as well as to

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without causing any bad symptoms to the patients and with

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circulation and excretion into the bile descending Infection partly by way of

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turned Dr. Stigi of Mentone giving chloroform I opened the

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tion are the probable effects each particular climate is likely to

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ing that the modern views entertained we may say by Fo

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Sully Frudhomme Rene Francois Armand French poet b.

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sternum to the back of the ear. They occupied both triangles

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on the Diseases of the Skin all published within the fol

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Saint Glain Dominique de French Spinozist b. Limoges

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the contrary in cancer of the kidney the constitutional effects

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cure may take place speedily under its use and that a recur

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History of Culture New York 1875 and St Peter s Catechism

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nervous system and will retain it in a high degree as long as

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he mentions as Prancoys Insigne. Attached to the court of

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eighl of pyoemic like infarctions purulent fluid oo

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of subsequent conrses on payment of the matricnlation fee.

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leading ideas of Hegel. God he says as separated from

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operation instead of the catheter with good results and deemed

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which Dr. Latham replied Yes I see in your estimation Dr.

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The organic stones burn completely on incineration on platinum inor

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rvance lt gt r the breach of well established hygienic law

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spectre whose name is Gynaecology which now confronts us in

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which would point to an average duration of lite of about five

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three deaths two in cases of lithotrity by one Bitting sad

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is a comparatively rare symptom. In much the largest num

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due to obstructive pulmonary or cardiac disease is diagnosti

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the commanding general Military Division of the Pacific for duty as

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pital. Of 30 patients 17 were males and 13 females. Death occurred

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