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means of an hypodermic needle. If gas only had escaped it

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The following are the reasons which lead me to tlie conclusion

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relieve them and Avhat does not impress us with his honesty

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mission on the twenty fourth day being followed by a moderate

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Lant Carpenter and later a disciple of Jeremy Bentham whose

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can and British Medical Associations is instructive but by no

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in the blood of urea from the non eliminative action of the

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felt by the external hand the pressure of both hands may be slightly

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times. With reference to fissure at the internal os does do

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tions of the special diseases occurring under the general heads

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putrefaction. These experiments were made upon grape sugar

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coalesce forming an abscess a purulent collection. These

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Rogeard Louis Auguste French publicist b. Chartres 25

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the treatment in the morning it is occasionally complete be

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is the alacrity with which students and instructors leave the

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much pain and inconvenience from the long tight prepuce was

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thrombus and subsequent embolic blocking of a veinuleof the

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air passages and on tracheal fistulas after tracheotomy contain mainly

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anssmis of the brain as a cause those oases only can be assigned

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though an emission of gas might occur a gush of bloody fluid

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modeled after that of Harvard and the University of Penn

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Fries Jacob Friedrich German philosopher b. Barby 23

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sion of questions which is found in special articles yet it is so

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voluntarily temperature normal pulse normal. 11th. Con

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Radical Cure of Hernia by the Antiseptic Use of the Carbol

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to result from even the voluntary system of registration discussed

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salicylic acid. One case is however reported by Goltdam

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While a dose of 15 or 20 grains seems necessary to effect

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has analysed Norsk Magazin for LdgevicL n Iford Median.

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II. proposed to cut down upon the tumor and relieve the

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elimination required the expurgative and reconstructive efforts

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saries of New York each opened clinics for cutaneous diseases.

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Grenoble about 1715. His life was very retired but his

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word may be said regarding the distribution of chlorids in the body.

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the assumption that death resulted from acute meningitis.

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ingly well borne and in all instances i marked improvement oi

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In the second half of the work animal chemistry is given.

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recognized could not be removed by any possible means yet

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cine is given. He tries first those drugs that are anti fermenta

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structural changes more time will elapse before they will

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portant one is pelvic inflammations of all kinds. In such cases

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NfcCallum who saw the case after death was nnable t gt give an

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the theologians but followed his work with Ihe FertiliscUion of

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Alnwick 27 July 1801. Educated at Cambridge where he

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molecules and ions of the crystalloids. In albuminous urine therefore as

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became professor at Berne 47. He married a daughter of Baur

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State when peoples and governments realize that the prevention

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tissues so far as possible. Injections of two to three minims

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quite equal importance with the last upon which tfa ition

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