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cases at the proper time while the patient ifl warm and reaction

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winisnn 1872 which has gone through several editions 2 he

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the salt solution as an enema after which a distinct fall of

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manner in which they are treated. It can l gt c recommended

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fession we have more reason to be proud than the success now

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Academie de Medecine reports the result obtained by the use

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Dr. Ross then read a paper on Spasmodic Stricture of the

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taken place. Gangrene having invaded the forearm of the

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from consumption. It is well known that far up in the

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Dr. Reeve reported a case of extra uterine pregnancy.

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Bedford but in Dec. 74 renounced Christianity and has since

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mental strain. But our annual gathering does more. It recalls

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tholomew s Hospital Medical School London has published s

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Ci aioi B. Dr. Whittaker Btated al a recenl meeting of the

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ease. At the recent Cambridge meeting of the British

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I A Case of Foreign Body in the Larynx. By Henry S.

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Valliss Rudolph German author of works on Tlie Natural

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College llustrated with two hundred and fifty four en

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diversity of opinion. The following report has been taken from

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minous discharges from the cervix. For application to the

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years in charge of the lazaretto and not one of them has been

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tment and management of the inmates would command the

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gory IX. whom he expelled from Rome in 28. He made a

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of the People Geneva 56 and became an active organiser of

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from a fund for an institution for the care ofinebria

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Thorough examination failing to detect any constitutional or

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bovine virus freshly taken from the calf. One large quill

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of Literature 18 vols. 82 85 edited La Revista Europea and the

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into a carcinoma or be in any way associated with it. The

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ii. Determination of Total Amino acids in the Urine

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sidered from the standpoint of development and comparative anatomy. 8.

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Dr. Powell asked In cases and in what strength is

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scure and Undecided Doctrines in Relation to Small Pox

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bioequivalence study of metoclopramide hydrochloride 10 mg tablets in healthy male volunteers

ovaries were the seat of abscess. Upon one side there was a

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Some cystoscopes permit the catheterization of both ureters at once

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