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Bois Reymond has written on Voltaire and Natural Science 68
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in emphatic language to the efficiency of bleeding also Cullen
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viz. Outlines of the History of Religion a valuable sketch of the
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distilled from it this oil is identical with salicylol. Later
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he has written The Crimes of Christianity. From 1883 87 he
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tricity The editor has been urged by a committee of the
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the idea of which he had taken from Lalande In Aug 1793
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Koyarna K.. Beitrdge zur Diagnose der chronischen nicht specifischen Nebenhodenindura
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pleurisy the temperature was three tenths of a degree lower on the side
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and dose was not repeated. The child died on the fourth day.
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the Romanising movement he became a rationalist and
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Jlistory University College London in 1860. He is one of the
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The regular meeting of this Society was held June 25th 1880
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a jacket from a yard which he was cleaning and was sent to
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accommodation. A solution of the strength gr. j to fj of
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hind and over both the upper and lower portions shows that
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Though they look pale the hemoglobin content may be normal.
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urine. The value of such measurements to the clinician is as yet slight.
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conceived. Far better would it be to provide the hospitals
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or elsewhere who came here while suffering from phthisis
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exaggerated thoracic aspiration. At this time 12 grs. of calo
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makes accurate readings very difficult. This difficulty may be overcome
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extended all round tlic orbit involving the frontal malar and
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addition possess a function of internal secretion though concerning the
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and of salts some measure of this excretion to replace specific gravity
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work may be gained by the dissection of the last named ani
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alteration takes place in the blood causing this purpura hssmor
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the course of the disease an eruption of small red spots appears
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I81I editor of the MoraU Independanie and member of iht
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diseases of women he has labored to the present time in this
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S. Mackenzie agreed on the diagnosis it seems superfluous i lt
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vomiting comes on after eating if the cancer is situated just
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this fall of temperature was accompanied by a rise of pulse
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of the International Society but being at issue with Karl Marx
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without heeled boots owing to slight contraction of tendo Achillis.
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medical inquiry necessary Three doctors The case must
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placed on the Index 1821. He took part in the anti papal
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a vote of thanks was accorded to the Grand Trunk and Quebec
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necrosed bone have been removed. The child has improved
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trines of the sceptics in three books the other an attack on
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became deputy to the Legislative Assembly in 1791 and to the
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the cervix uteri which I saw some years since Dr. Oldham with
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wrote Biograpical Studies of Schiller 44 and Feuerbach 71.
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and washhouses. He contributed to the Zoist and published an
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Inng being the third case he had met in the autopsy room of
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Korisoa Jaraea Auguatus Cotter Enplish Foaitiyiat a
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offered by partial incision or passing tents through the joint
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with a diet of fruits rice and skim milk. Long before Liebig
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spicuous figure and has introduced many important measures.
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not but call attention to a number of cases of rheumatism re
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conversely wherever there is motion there might be sound if
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Suppurative pancreatitis but as surgical interference is indicated in both
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excesses syphilitic infection and local miasms. Acute atro
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ethereal sulphates with glycuronic acid forming glycuronates or with
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who complains of cough with expectoration and a good deal

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