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remedy which is at once powerful and sufficiently counter

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in England where he wrote an apology for the attempt of

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pital rapid swelling and pain in several of the large joints

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in front the ovary from which the tumor appeared to have originated

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previous editions in England amply attest lies in its thorough

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they are practically all derived directly or indirectly from protein sub

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Mendnm Josiah P. publisher and proprietor of the Boston

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into retorts at once or may be kej t for further treatment by

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the world which would allow of the continuance when known

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chalybeates bitters if the appetite is at fault baths a due

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slack conjunction of the posterior border of the palate and

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of a uniform bright scarlet tint lined with large purple veins

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character is destroyed and jpar consequence the purity of its

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syringe in the sixth interspace in the infra mammary region as

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given freely for a time. After this the pulse diminished to

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Treatment of Pertussis hy Inhalations of Carbolic Acid. Birch.

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Considerable interest had by this time begun to be mani

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Association is worthy of the consideration of the educational

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under the action of light probably explains the deepening of color that

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close the defects of and improve our system of law. Macaulay

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on the subjects of chest and cutaneous diseases. Upon his re

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He translated the Meditations of Antoninus also wrote observa

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thin so excreted occasionally leads to the formation of calculi. In

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dle was then inserted and 17 oz. of reddish pus without odor

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was the result of the opening of that drain at that time God

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of Washington. Dr. Finley was educated at Washington

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clines visibly to sensualisme and even to materialism. Died

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inate we have what is called medullary or soft cancer but if

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ing entirely upon the obliquity of the fracture and rigid

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improvement for as fast as the old spots disappeared new ones

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culty whieli he experiences in passing his urine. Urination

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carbolic acid. The external genitals amp c are first examined

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to good recovery. Dr. Greene asked for suggestions regard

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ing of the British Medical Association however a committee

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The ease with which it can be obtained and its great cheap

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and is not without influence in retarding the growth of epi

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The Association has had also at different times under dis

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probably passing out into the urine through the glomeruli. Casts are

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an habitual drunkard may voluntarily apply for admission to

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and a small one the publications being with a few exceptions

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continually since he cam in. with hips elevated and ice bag ap

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antifcrnient at some length and minuteness of detail we will

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from memory or by reference a good deal as these notes are

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gum bougie. The softness and smoothness of the cotton when

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During her stay in Hospital the symptoms have remained about

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able to get about at all. There was very urgent dyspnoea which

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not rarely depends on the existence of fissure at the internal os.

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ipted a fourth but was obliged t desist from the extreme

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On making a physical examination of the chest we find

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In puerperal peritonitis due most often to streptococcus infection the

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when admitted into hospital had a violent fever 104 10G F. quickened

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pret and many exist that can only be detected by careful

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