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where he showed himself of the Broad School. Leslie Stept

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to side and died. Examination of the fracture showed a

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Indian Qj mTioeophists. He taught the wisdom of doubt t

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flammation or scrofulous state a diffused or general simple

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studies under the pen name of Titus and translated the work

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where the temperature is the important symptom the use of

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by a well marked falsetto which imjjartcd to the voice an ajrreeahle and

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Pyogenic cocci. Rare as a cause of cystitis and pyelitis. Strepto

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neglected bronchitis. There are two diseases in which bron

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volume Sword and Trowel 1888. Died Madrid 19 Dec 1885.

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phate that gives rise to the acid monosodium phosphate that is excreted.

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spent in poverty vainly seeking justice for the Javanese. In

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Dr. Keyes in a review in the New York Medical Journal

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abridged and he defended Descartes against the theologians.

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gross or macroscopic anatomy. I ijie or microscojnc anatomy

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in the Chamber of peers and an endeavor was made to unseat

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remaining two the os calcis was involved. As to suppuration

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Frederick the Great and died at Berlin 15 Feb. 1767. Mira

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Natural Reliyi n was published by Carlile under the pen name

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white matter of the third convolution. It is greyish in colour

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Uremic intoxication of greater or less degree is nearly always present

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tions where it is seen lying near the outer margin of the gray

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Mantua under Professor Ardigo. Has written a large work

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showed higher power. This has been republished as History

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one was in articulo moils when it was done. In Case 9 the

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out an edition of the philosopher s works in conjunction with

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for folly he said I prefer Hercules slaying the Erymanthean

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is to discourage the practice of vaccination has been organ

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powerful as an antiferment as carbolic acid. He used dough

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He was elected to the State Senate and in 67 became first

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Capuchins. Converted to the Reformation by Jean Valdez he

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Climate and Medicine with an Appendix on the Sanitaria of the United

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with a general malaise aching in the limbs and back some

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single members of the group will be briefly alluded to here.

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that at the Pennsylvania Hospital persons residing in the room

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Mines. The subject of Infant Mortality and Yital Statis

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and small fragments after lithotritv. The instrument is figured

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by Folin s method. The preformed ammonia is subtracted from this

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Jonkoping 18 Dec. 1829. He has written many works of

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powerful as an antiferment as carbolic acid. He used dough

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escaped while of the nine children who did not take it none

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creamy pus the needle was then inserted in another place and

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dispensing altogether with actual dissection. But in view of

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account of its whitened softened and shrunken appearance.

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regards of publishers and advertisers generally. We have re

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geal signs of the disease are subdivided as a rule into second

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the city. Physical examination revealed substantially similar

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priest 12 Nov. 1727. Published a satire against the Jesuits

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and mortuary reports of the State and the bearing they have

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