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Educated by the Moravians. In 1795 he published a Vindication
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will be found when complete invaluable to every one
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to tin Montreal General Hospital and the arm was amputated.
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than 800 points to a serious involvement of the excretory function of the
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b. Lauat 1746. A friend of Cloots he suffered with him on the
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gastric region slightly to the left side. The opening to the
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a member and she was duly installed under the Grand Orient
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whicfa rest of the bowel is needed was then noticed and the
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tbeir bills monthly and employ a common collector who will
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Further Contributions to the Treatment of Lu us. By Henry G. Pif
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times distinctly slurring so that he is understood with difficulty.
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Elements of Modern Chemistry. By Adolph Wurtz Professor of Chem
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cal with an organism frequently met with in infusion of hay
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scholars use a different vowel in some of them from what the lecturer
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Daybreak the organ of the Dutch Freethinkers Union. Jung
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I believe myself that the letter S curve is the only true
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Boston reports the statistics of one hundred and six cases of
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trary proposition that there is a causative relation between
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Cask I. There was nothing to show the presence of fluid
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there are no cerebral convolutions or canine teeth tlie diges
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direct extension gonorrhea or b by introduction of instruments cath
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college about fifteen years ago nothing very definite had ever
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ber tnouthpiece. The infant being examined was found to be suffering
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now a rather unsettled state of professional opinion on this
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powerful astringent as they may produce narrowing of the os
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thra of extreme sensitiveness. Endoscopic examination showed
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was Junius 1880 Self Contradictions of the Bible Is the Bilk a
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sequence of this process the upper portion of the right lung
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in 83. This able Monograph on the whole doctrine of the
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Physicians have long known the importance of recording the water
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expect benefit from its use. In the opposite class of cases
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Vermont and a graduate of Dartmouth Medical College. He
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tion is favorable. All the cases were treated by extension
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tice. Very few have written a book or even a pamphlet upon
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tion though it probably will be improved upon by subsequent
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toms predominate and the vomitus contains bile and pancreatic juice.
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been made in the application of this principle by continuing
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in the United States. Of this number nearly one thousand
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Medical Examiners and Coroners Juries. The abolition in
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intelligently jndge whether or no our opinion was justified.
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ated when the spray was again commenced. The author observes that
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form and dimensions in striking contrast with that of
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publishes bold Freethoughc articles. He rejects all supema
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i right but the children of to day were overburdened with
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two drops of magnesia mixture and a sufficient amount 10 20 drops of
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large intestine will give decided symptoms referable to the
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arterial tension increased movement of the white corpuscles
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learnt in this way are not easily forgotten. To general practi
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Radical member of the Muncipal Council of Paris and re

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