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nitrogen and the urea nitrogen of the urine have been made by McLean
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years old. She noticed a small tumor in the lower part of the
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censured by the Sorbonne and was burnt by order of Parlia
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and fidelity to nature. In the study of these CUtaneOUl
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making the reliminary incision a quantity of soft greyish
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metric flask and make up to volume. The color comparison is then made
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this year he has been condemned to six years imprisonment
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cians in good repute. Candidates must be between twenty
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The contents of the seminal vesicles can be expressed for examination
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of dissolved substances in the urine. It is thus evidently dependent upon
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The presence of homogentisic and uroleucic acids will be suspected clinically
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ig rapidly after having increased comparatively slowly
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Church 1740 was a severe blow to hitherto received Ohristiaiq
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tion and there is a pathological dalay of the passage of the intestinal
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local remedies the puncture of an apex cavity can hardly be
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been no cases so far. In Memphis the first case appeared
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time to time employed in the solution and expulsion of biliary
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rash very similar to the rash of scarlatina had been produced.
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ical. The article is very elaborate and contains reports of
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spread by contagion These difierences of opinion corrobo
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of soda were injected into the stomach of a dog the oesoph
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In Chicago the death rate has gone above that of last season
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pared with Orthodox Christianity and other brochures.
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sinus. The kidney is enclosed in a fatty capsule capsula adiposa. The surface
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of acquainting themselves with the new views and the all
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indeed if there should be false membrane and that we should therefore be
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and would simply consume valuable time in its perusal. The
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then. but it is not thought to have any power over the
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thinks contribute to success in many ways symptomatology
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strychnia as originated by Majendie and modified by recent ob
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odd years after the founding of the association that the first
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ated in the latter. On mensuration right I s inches left
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and contributed to Umta ItaUana In 66 he founded at Milan
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to create no factitious interest by the recital of extraordinary
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uria. This is very common in acute cystitis especially in inflammation
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size and is quite firm to the feel being evidently filled with clot.
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caucuses have the least idea of the names of those who are about
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was examined and found to be sweet and free from organic
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mortality would come down to 10 or even 8 per cent.
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and additions Tims the writer has adopted the views of B
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up one claiming it as a philosophical statement of Christianity
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very fine and as truthful representations they can hardly be
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work on the Index Mr. Abbot has lectured a great deal and
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whom resolution should have begun and then disease came to
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The Advantages and Accidents of Artificial Anaisthesia being a Manual
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expression. Sail us t relates that he questioned the existence o
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Craven M. B. American author of a critical work on the
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performed a number of experiments on rabbits with the object of
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the fibers of hyperaesthesia are inhibitory fibers.
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Art. YI. Diphtheria its Mature and Treatment Yarietics and Local
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Oratorians of Boulogne. He wrote numerous comedies and
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albumin may be removed by heat and acetic acid. The freeing of glycuronic

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