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cent of patients suffering from gall stones develop cancer of the gall bladder
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during the height of tlie disease the afternoon temperature in
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Dr. Battel s paper was entitled Intra Uterine Medication
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wasting more rapid the liver presents large protuberances
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was condemned after death his body disinterred and burnt
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In avoiding Scylla they ran into Charybdis. The result of
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firmly believed that he was suffering from incurable organic
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ally present and there is rapid emaciation and loss of strength.
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burg 1805. He resided in Hamburg and wrote in the middle
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the Southern Army took part in some battles and was
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during the lactic ferment. This coagulation takes place in
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rectal walls in a direction inward and from below upward and outward
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the patient is strongly suggestive of this form of insanity but
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nervous apparatus which it is desired to stimulate. In fatty
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in the urethra. These may usually be detected by palpation by endos
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Uterine Action by Dr. Spondly of Zurich. By the term used
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very difficult to separate from certain forms of multi
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Branting Hjalmar Swedish Socialist b. i860. Sentenced
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adjusting it which of course entails a waste of its heat. Again
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lished in 1GT7. Other small works on the same topic as
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