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comminuted and compound fractures are found at this site at
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by his parents. He took the prize for philosophy at i
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Beecher s Life of Jesus. Has also written on the Antiquities of
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which tend to modify the conditions under which it digests.
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essay was written and the limited store of material in the
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I. He path o path ies of circulatory origin chronic passive congestion
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taire and wrote Philosophical Letters on the InttUigence and Per.
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vial cases and the chronic ailments of elderly persons. We
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made some investigations in Senator s clinic of the relative temperature
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the healing of granulating surfaces. On clean fresh wounds
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since 1867 the association had increased very rapidly adding
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subject at its last meeting. The subject was introduced in papers
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IV. The parasitic hepatopathies echinococcus disease amehic necro
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Revolution and was elected Deputy for the Gironde. His
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out the vagina witli a solution of permanganate of potash
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literary fund in 1789. Died Soho London 29 June 1 81 6.
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Stockholm where he has established a Positivist Society and

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