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Deluc Adolphe Professor of Chemistry at Brussels b.

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made to the original and valuable work of Dr. Nathaniel Chap

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There are six chapters on displacements. The first gives

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bolic acid. In some cases where a very large dose has been

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liver functions we are not in too great hurry to interfere that

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In uremic intoxication the freezing point of the blood

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urine secreted. How radically the urinary output may be temporarily

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colleague possessing the requisite special skill. The work is not

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Granular Casts. Similar to a but the substance is finely granular

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etfected by the slow process of exfoliation then exsection and

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other hand in accounting for the production of these essays

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family 1666. He travelled widely and was made court physi

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better results in certain inflammatory conditions of the uterus

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ceptions but renders the general rule more certain we are

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Romiti Guglielmo Italian Positivist. Professor of Anatomy

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With the close of the century we note the first of a series

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able in a human body. Cuvier replied Go and anatomize an

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by the writer it has only been observed in two cases. The

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been coincident with one or other of two definite local circumstances a

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formity being confined to the head for the relief of which

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Antifebkile Action of Salicylic Acid and Its Compounds.

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curring in the lower part of the chest was developed in the

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Bennett Do Robigne Mortimer founder and editor of the

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sees flexions cured subinvolution disappear monorrhagia due to

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noblest play in which he enforces lessons of toleration and

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especially towards the centre where the color is deeper. 6

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nent diabetes results. The connection between tuberculosis

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the following from the Michigan Medical News. After ex

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foot the brain the hody and all its members need water.

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