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l erg where he studied philosophy. He took to the adventurous

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a number of similar cases under the title of Recurring Fibroid

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intestines. The theory was proposed that this disease was

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investigation in the dead house of the City Hospital of Mem

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published Melanges de Critique Religieuse and translated from

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alao thai such animal are less liable than others to future infec

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lb advisd absolute cleanliness of the wound and of the n lt

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was a middle aged woman the growth causing monstrous de

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ers and no Spanish landlord w ould think of parting with a

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Osier W.. On fever of hepatic origin particularly the intermittent pyrexia associated with

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tration of phloridzin a glucoside from bark of apple pear plum and

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present but they are relatively few in number as there is no marked

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altation with severe cephalalgia delirium and disordered speech. These

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ally increasing to actual violence day and night so that patient

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globules were disintegrated into an infinite number of colorless particles

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years standing with diabetic cataracts markedly improved

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came sleepless and was especially uncomfortable without his

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a society to which he gave discourses collected in his first

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of both exogenous and endogenous protein is taking place the nitrogen

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determined by immutable laws. It presents many original

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annoying complaint nasal or pharyngeal catarrh. There is no

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The chronic cases especially the chronic hyperplastic or stenosing

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Rights of Man in answer to Burke and Vindication of the

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upon that subject whose duty it i to make an annual report

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Animals 1750 translated Seneca on Happiness etc. He died

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abscess is an important element in coming to a conclusion

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milk into the cephalic vein of a patient dying from tubercular disease of

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emaciation and cachexia often fever 2 from obstructive jaundice

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complete nor other operative procedure offer advantages super

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percentage of those operated on that no trustworthy conclu

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enlarged glands at the root penetrated into the substance but

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amino acids ammonia and non nitrogenous substances salts and water.

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the so called retrovesical hydatid cysts may come from the peritoneum or may

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and Education 61 Monita Secreta Societatis Jem Secret Instruc

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seen in his chapter on Metrology of the Eye as he calls

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and digestion and all the train of evils incident to advanced

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was born at Stagyra in Thrace 384 B.C. He was employed b

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and Anatomy. The Pathology of the Bones. This is an

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whose urine contained at times haemoglobin and at times sugar. Glasgow

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adjacent organs. Normally it should be easily possible without pain

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the disease in the lungs while on account of the absorption

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tion seemed to have been averted by the medication. From

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study of theology and philosophy and making no secret of hi amp

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tion failed to detect any particular change. Styptic injections of acid ice

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burg 30 June 1807. Was educated for the Church became a

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Ward Mary A. translator of AmieVs Journal and authoress

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education. It seemed that the more schools we built like luna

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high class reviews and has published The Meaning of History

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to metallic ones and while on this Bubject lie t tl tsion

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and a National History in 37 books one of the most precious

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covered with peculiar microscopic fungi. An examination of

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translated the works of Descartes and was accused of being a

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win. has seen the perpetual efforts of Nature lt whose diary is

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selection of a tube they should be rigid to obviate any risk of

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the corresponding spaces on the right side were examined but

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ported. Acting upon the above suggestion we took two sub

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liave already referred to this subject when treating of the

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tion 1841 the History of Christian Fanaticism 1845 which was

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Charles Southwell in starting the Oracle of Reason which J

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