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lege of Surgeons lepra Grfficorum receives his favor. These

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medical and scientific works. Lange calls him the father of

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Leigh Henry Stone English author of a Deistic work on the

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mercy and comfort them with a sense of His goodness lifting

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Graduated at Emmanuel College Cambridge 1788. He was

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enous protein molecules but it is fairly well proven that one of these

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five cases and for contrast will place them opposite a nearly

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Rights of Man in answer to Burke and Vindication of the

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operation the pus having been absorbed or having undergone

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at Stuttgart where he has translated Spinoza s Ethics and i

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gastralgia vomiting emaciation fatty stools etc. are due less to the

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Workmen s Union and was sent to Parliament in 67. He

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social and political questions cannot be applied to Canadian

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but with decided excess f blood in it puncta vasculosa very

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explanation to anxious patients and friends all require for

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He had an attack of scarlet fever surgical amputation done

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lecturer edited the Herald of Freedaia National AnlUSlaee

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what part the calomel played in the recovery or whether the

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notes of the American editor. A few years later Dr. Bulkley

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ward the vertebral column it is found to run up under the ribs.

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lacked the sense of art and practicability. His complete woi

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method has been employed in nine with the result of twenty

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called Democratic Vietas and Specimen Days and Collect

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Studied at the Medical College of New York and graduated at

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Gilbert Claude French advocate b. Dijon 7 June 1652.

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Harmlessness of Filth. Attention has been called Phila

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first and second phalanx and they cannot be Straightened. The

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in the serous cavities from the 7th to the 8th day on.

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spent some time in the hospitals of Paris acquiring knowledge

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tion On the Constitutional Treatment of Syphilis from

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directly proportional to its concentration in the blood. They further

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and patent medicines. The proprietors oJ patent medicini

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the muscular contractile power of the stomach when subjected

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The mineral acids which at one time were supposed to be

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stances. Many of these bodies are apparently detoxicated by means of

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The solid constituents are excreted in diminished amounts as is shown

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Suits for Post Mortem Examination. Two suits one in

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shut. Great difficulty is experienced in rising ap and sitting

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few ounces and drank the distillate in four hours I discov

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increases from below upward but the line of its termination

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matter was originally treated of appeared in the American

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in which be argued strongly against the present system ofoom

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will become congested and a permanent thickening of their

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tion. Just how much this will require must be estimated by

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garding the constitution of salicylic acid in which he foresaw

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long up and about than just after getting out of bed.

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shall be dissected except those of executed criminals and the

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Transactions of the Medical Association of Georgia.. 95

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membrane and through neighboring organs and is slower

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piled many schoolbooks chiefly under pseudonyms of which

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Anuria complete suppression of the urine is due to disturbances in the

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cluding third year students who have attended two sessions at

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of bron snd alomina and the nsnal saline chlorides of sodium and

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Protestants nor Catholics. The magistrates of Delft drove him

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