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She came under my special care somewhat over three years

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and anthelmintics. We have nothing to add to what has been

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gradual dilatation at irregular intervals ever since. Upon

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dead for some time before the setting in of labour and therefore

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In all forms of portal cirrhosis chronic degenerative and inflammatory changes

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but with a necrosis and softening due to ferments manufactured by Entameba

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Friendly rivalry with their brethren in the United States must

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and to put upon record also their appreciation of his character

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knife the opening was about one third of an inch in length.

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Here are included the 1 primary contracted kidney or

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this head and I think I will be borne out in the statement

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low and render a catheter life or operation necessary.

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me of an experiment in my college days. I do ool remember

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of the Revolution. In the following year he became secretary of

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been used also as we have previously seen to disinfect faeces

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proteins the catabolism of which results in nitrogenous end products dis

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He uses bags of sand of such high temperature that the hand

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the abdominal cavity gastrotomy. Leishman s teaching is

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an injection of boracic lotion saturated aqueous solution boracic

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A hard white deposit at the same place glued the muscles to

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existence of this form of degeneration in other organs.

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and after his imprisonment engaged to print the Investigator

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case of stricture with extravasation of urine of a week s stand

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an habitual drunkard may voluntarily apply for admission to

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Aretseus recommended long sea voyages just as Bennet

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mentary it was show that drugs which excite one to action may

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joined the Indian army 43 fought in the S. Mahrata campaign

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tended and tympanitic so much so that it was difficult making

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arguments by feeble opposition. His work entitled Arcana

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sentences of the author s introduction in which he says Of

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in fact being scarcely raised from its resting place and yet

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rectly upon the functions of nutrition. 3. That acute lobar

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who died was taken home only that evening or the day before

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comment upon them but refrain from doing so for fear of ap

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that country do not compel the matriculation examination to

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anthracis into hay bacillus and the converse. Baring devised

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also we are largely indebted for a knowledge of Zend and of

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governing the water output fluid ingestion muscular exercise external

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Problems solved. 1 Do gummatous nodes occur in second

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brown ichthyosis of a hand vitiligoidea tuberosa of the palm

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national Law. He has written many imj ortant articles in the

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point of origin of the process whether in the retina or choroid

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ability was made known by his publication of Remarkable

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sums collected from the boys for the cricket field and never

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character. When released he went to Scotland to uphold the

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Hakens Jose Spanish journalist b. 1846. Founder and

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has been identified by E. Deutsch with the author of the

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