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not encouraging. Committed suicide together with a lady

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Edinburgh where he died 25 Aug. 1776. After his death his

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awaiting orders at Washington D. C assigned to temporary duty at Fort

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Has also written several novels and Eden an episode 89. His

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adrenal and other forms of hepatic tumor may be met with occasionally. An

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Diseases of the Intestines and Peritoneum. By John Syer Bristowe

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No. 1 had all the evidences of a well marked pustule. That

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zine and bisulphate of carbon have been used with advan

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der it specially adapted t lt gt the treatment of diphtheria are

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no lesion save granulation is to be detected. The obstinacy

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Seneca in the time of Nero. Seneca praises his patience and

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A very important influence affecting the nitrogen output in the urine

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dence during the course of the case of septic poisoning.

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temperature. Two cubic centimeters of a saturated solution of potassium carbonate

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Rose Bradford subdivides the acute type into 1 ordinary acute uremia

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never passed involuntarily had no gastric symptoms had an

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meeting. The man was able to move his foot without diffi

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II. Physical examination. This will be rii id and eacli

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immediately restores the balance. Pilocarpin is more suitable

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Oscar L. Swiss writer author of Religion Traced Back to

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was indifferent. The cases we have cited well accord with

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munications with the transverse colon. This case also termi

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Cecco d Ascoli i.e. Stabili Francesco degli Italian poet

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Care must be taken when preparing the yeast mixture not to shake violently

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Childhood Picord s Practical Treatise on Venereal Dis

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it to the condition observed an obstructive anuria above described others

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Once preserved it may be dissected at any time and the work

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as a whole from the mode of excretion of any single chemical substance.

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Cremona and in 79 was elevated to the Senate. Died at

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stitches. A preparation of glue which will be referred to

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under the nom de guerre of Iconoclast edited the Investigator

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