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acquainted with 1 i lt f. Flint s work has been fully carried

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Edward T. Bruen presented a paper with the above title.

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the reason of this is that she expectorates a large quantity at

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the corners of the mouth are attenuated and drawn back

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is a function of the brain and nervous system and that soul

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Professor of History at Madrid and one of the most ardent

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Some Freethought essays which he had intended to form into

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closely placed that it was with difficulty a person could pass be

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into tubes or sinues. The physician must always administer them

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family Steckelberg Hesse Oassel 22 April 1488. He was sent

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atively slight one. The separation occurred in the middle

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Thorough examination failing to detect any constitutional or

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reach the normal kidney for this organ extends normally for a distance

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ways. We would particularly eonimend the use of it in spray

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L848 and 1856. In these articles Dr. Traslc shows thedanj

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sis is clearly indicated attested alike by a large series of data

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nitrogenous metabolism is equivalent to protein metabolism.

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with reluctance he could decide on its systematic use at his

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creased in size and became inflamed. On July 26th l gt r. Sherman

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the Inquisition a poignard directed against all men of letters.

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rate the fact that the question of pure contagion in typhoid

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dred in all New England Boston has less than one hundred

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he was drowned before assistance could be rendered. I gt p M

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In the matter of local treatment of uterine cancer Mr. Clay

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amination of the intra uterine wall may he necessary.

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some time and had spent a considerable time in the highlands

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The antiseptic dressings were removed on the 7th December

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the other dressing. The patient apparently did well for the

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London published a list of one hundred and nine fatal cases.

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quinine which may lower the temperature to the normal for

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and arrived after the man had been apparently dead Dearly an

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break was attributed to having taken cold. In the other i

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pure varu3 is rather a curiosity to me and a congenital talipes

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laryngotomy died Ij one from suflbcation in consequence of the cauula

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Dr. Sweetland That the discussion on the Reports by Drs.

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nected by a pedicle about one inch and a half in length and

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scliools was immoderately often almost incredibly far fetched.

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