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published. He wrote to the Dial a transcendentalist paper.

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and tenth ribs in the infra scapular region I thrust deeply a

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Glasgow removed the larynx has never been published. It appears that

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Sales y Ferre Manuel Spanish scientist b about 1839.

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discharge was entirely arrested and a further ten days treat

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that upon this subject present views requu e modification.

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Place de Gr6ve 1621 for blasphemies in a book entitled Le

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form attack. Generally the patient falls forward. This disease is fre

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pletely excised with curved The edges of the incision

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methods previously by distinguished men and secondly be

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also in chronic rheumatism and gout. He believes that be

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antagonism existing between the various drugs used. Chap

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Akbar he was tolerant of all sects. His chief work is the

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less character than the preceding as it was a well developed

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to notice the first edition of this book. It was then charac

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now. I felt some warmth over the heart and tried my father s

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states dependent on changes in central circulation are affected

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Was educated at the Charterhouse gave attention to mesmerismi

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fore probable that the growth first was developed in the

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dissolved separately in a few hundred c.c. of water and this solution is

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was able to give more or less attention to business affairs. In

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tion directly to small veins in the use of the hypodermic syringe.

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ajsthesia. General condition otherwise normal. In the course of a

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pyretic action of the drug considers quinine as far superior.

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stands forth as being exceptionally good and worthy of special

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ring in a female. The only other case I ever saw of Lichen

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Hundred 1796 98. Dulaure wrote a learned Treatise on Super

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In health the urine contains end products of protein catabolism

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McGill University Montreal. Forty Seventh Annual Announcement

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but more decidedly so after repeated doses. In spite of the

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though the excretion of solids by the glomeruli also occurs. When solids

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that ever since the birth of her child she had suffered from pain

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growth degeneracy and death of mind are inevitable. But gt gt gt

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frequently developed typhoid. As he was not under my care

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Place Francis English Radical reformer and tailor b. 1T7D

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things and suggested the building of a suitable number of

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in my opinion should come under the designation of teratoma. In the bibliography

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pia mater in the foci of lobular pneumonia in the mesenteric

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but turned to the High Church by reading Pusey and othorft

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Sanday lectures until his death 6 June 1869. In 66 he pub

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what shall we give him I hear a variety of remedies sug

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speedily and completely succeeded where the commonly used

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Physical Examination. In cancer of the cervix the finger finds the

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public practice. The initial chapters arc upon the following

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abscess and removing the debris of the clots. They were opened

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ing something two years ago. The intervening time has only

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tives like external and internal when applied to aneurism

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Mint and formerly a member of the Lower House of Congress

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a very radical change during the last 40 or 45 years necessi.

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cell infiltration round and oval epithelial in character. In

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l ut no pus it was dee 1 advisable to desist from farthei

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fracture of this bone and principally because of the tendency

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in the dimensions of the spleen. There is constipation in the

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tant Surgeons who shall be designated for that purpose by

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Philosophy and other works and is credited with the Critical

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been so utterly helpless at any time in fact lately had not been

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ications phosphorus poisoning sublimate poisoning lead poisoning

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educated as a barrister. Expelled from Dublin University for

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the efficacy and painlessness of reduction of chronic inversion ol

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condition I again introduced the oesophageal tube and injected

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ordinary pneumonia so long as the patient s condition keeps up

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ease in his experiments that the effect was very marked. In

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