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bandages to the limbs so as to retain aa much blood as possible

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cholecystitis and are perhaps the most frequent cause of gall stones.

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readily carried in the pocket. It consists of a compressed

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Bussell b. 1843. Educated at Harrow Edinburgh and Trinity

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or the fermentation of malt as a result of these experiments

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bory 8 Feb. 156 1. Educated at Benet College Oarabridge

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Photographic lUuttrationt I us SyphUu. By George Bear

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said suflSce. We have thus far spoken of the action of this

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the urine contains protective colloids which enable it to hold in solution

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Etiology. Amyloid deposit is known to occur chiefly in cachectic

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Mendoza Diego Hurtado de famous and learned Spanish

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travelled much in the heart of Africa and wrote Savage Africa

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It is probable that the epithelial cells secrete a ferment which

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In other cases of renal disease especially in those associated with

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out just cause. This proved to be the lues venerea. It ori

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fusion in live cases and draws from his practice the folio

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women. They can for the most part be cured by forcible dila

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D. Bulkley. The last quoted paper is an able produc

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excited some controversy and has been reprinted at Toronto.

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The blood carries in its plasma certain proteins often called the stock

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made an opening from the nose into the antrum extending from

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I A Case of Foreign Body in the Larynx. By Henry S.

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Skilton Horologist is also falsely attributed to Annet.

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irom Positivism to metaphysics theology and then to fetish

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complete records the average interval was 17 03 months ex

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Colonels Fifty Surgeons with the rank pay and emolu

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